Friday, April 1, 2011

Void of Course Moon

Happy April Fools Day!   The Pisces Moon will be void of course all day and all night until it enters Aries early tomorrow morning.  Alas, this could very well  be a day of frustration and complications for all of us.  It will all be all right if you just remember to take it slow and easy.  Nothing that happens in a void of course Moon lasts for very long so be sure not to start anything of meaning...such as a new

The Moon's energy is receptive. When the Moon is about to to move from one sign to another, there is a period in which the Moon will no longer be in aspect to another planet while in that sign.  This period of time between the last major aspect of the sign and the Moon entering the next sign is called void of course. This is because there is no specific guiding energy force that is connecting to the Moon during this period.   The major difficulty when the Moon is void of course is that we tend to be less focused, and because of this, our judgment is not at its best and we tend to make poor decisions so it is a bad idea to start something new. Fortunately, these events are usually abandoned once the Moon makes a major aspect in its new sign.

The best course of action you can take during a void of course Moon is to avoid any type of commitments or intense situations.  This Moon is best for working with nonmaterial, passive activities such as yoga, meditation, prayer, and inner work.  It is also a good time to rest and recharge.  While it is okay to do a ritual at this time, it is not a good time to start on magical workings.

 The New Moon in Aries will take place on April 3rd, and many astrologers regard  this New Moon as the true beginning of the New Year because the Aries New Moon represents a new dawn, the beginning of the Moon cycle of the year.  Since Aries is considered as a first fire element, it brings with it a form of powerful energy that can bring renewal which forces people to look at new ways of doing things and encourages them to take new risks.  The energy we feel now is bold, ready for action, and easily enthused to start something new. This is a good time to begin new projects or to execute desired changes in our life. 

As for me, this is the weekend that I will begin my diet.  This Saturday will mark the first time that I do grocery shopping since I have decided to go with Weight Watcher's to lose this extra poundage.   Yes, I am finally going to take this  step...thanks to a wonderful blog buddy  who has become a powerful role model to me.  This is something I have been putting off because I love to eat so much, but it is something I have to do.  And, it's not all for vanity, either.  I've always been what they call small-boned so this extra 60 odd pounds is really messing with me.  I become short of breath too easily, and I can no longer blame it on smoking. 

And, I have fallen into such a vicious cycle of unhealthy behaviors.    Exercise of some sort, even if only a nice long walk, is necessary if one hopes to lose weight, but the extra weight I am carrying has made it difficult for me to get around, so I tend to hibernate on the weekends.  It's not that I don't want to go out, it's that I cannot enjoy myself like I used to.  I quit smoking because I wanted to hold on to life; now it is time to lose all of this weight that has been taking the joys of this life away from me.   

May you all have a wonderful weekend.  For those of you who are already experiencing spring weather, enjoy.  And, for those of us who are not...patience, it will be here soon.


  1. Glad to know about the moon right now...and happy that it will change on the 3rd...good luck with your grocery shopping...we try to walk a little bit each evening, but it's not always easy to get up and moving...congratulations on at least trying...

  2. I am so with you on the need to lose weight. Good luck to you! You can do it!

  3. Good luck on your diet! Now that Spring is here, it's much easier to get out and about.

  4. Ahhh, so that's why our (mine, my daughter and grandkids) day was so scattered. We wondered what was up!

    Mary, you will do well on your diet. This post is so honest and open I can only see success. You've made a good beginning, set the intention.

    Good luck. Spring is here and time for a fresh new start.

  5. I wish you all of the best with the weight loss. With the weather getting warmer, it will be a treat for you to get out for walks. I really enjoy going for walks.


  6. Wonderful! However you plan to do it! To really attack the issue of carrying too many pounds on your frame, for health.... Is wonderful.

    And I think I know your inspiration. :-) We are both kinda' *addicted* to her blog. :-)

    I understand about not having a big enough frame, to handle extra pounds. -sigh- I do. I have lost some 30 of necessary pounds, a while ago. So long ago, that I don't remember "how." Just remember being 30 more pounds, than I am now.

    But I still could lose 30, to get to a healthy weight, for my age. For my age! Never will have my *girlish figger'* back. :-) But at MY olden age, it's ALLLLLLLLLLLL about different aspects of health. :-)

    It would help my balance, to not have so much poundage, around/below my equator. Would help my GERD, to not have that extra poundage, pushing up on my esophagus.

    And yes, would even be better for my self esteem, to see a different me, in the mirror. -sigh-

    Today [April 2nd] feels to me as if I must *Make It Spring,* in my mind. I'm so tired of everything which went with this long, long Winter. Hope it's wise to make a mind-set-change, at this void time.

    But I don't think it is ever a BAD time, to do what one's insides are telling one to do. :-)

    Many good wishes to you, my Friend! And to me too. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  7. I hope your weight loss goes well, We can struggle together. Weight watchers is very good. I was with them for a while, I am now going it alone with the help of my husband. Oh and thanks for the info on the moon. I wondered what was up with me. Hugs Sara