Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lesson of the Little Turtle

The greater the obstacle,
the more glory in overcoming it.

Monday we had another of those super boring trainings with that super boring trainer that I have had four times already. And believe me, none of us were smiling like those students in the picture.  I know some of you probably remember me mentioning it last year. It's always the same thing...the same stories, about himself, of course, narcissist that he is, and the same corny jokes. I can relate the entire course word for word. It was one of those afternoons that you sit and watch the clock and count the seconds until it is time to go home. Ironically, though, the greatest lesson of the day came out of a fish tank in the form of a little turtle.
About a month ago, we inherited a rather large fish tank at work, but we just could not seem to keep any fish in it. Within a week or two, they would all die. It was getting so frustrating. Then, one of my clients asked if we'd like to fix it up for turtles instead. It seems that he had three turtles that he had raised since they were quite tiny, but he no longer lived with his wife, couldn't have them where he was living, and his son just wasn't taking care of them. Hence it was that Franklin, Paulie, and Rebecca entered the scene and provided me with enough entertainment to make it through the afternoon.

Picture, if you will, a rock ledge large enough for only two at a time.  They love climbing onto this rock and looking around, but according to my client, this is also something they have to do.  They have to get out of the water several times during the day to keep their shells hard.   During the training Rebecca (the smallest) and Paulie (the middle child) were relaxing on the rock, and Franklin (the big guy) wanted to be up there, too. Poor little  wanted it in the worse way, but there is only room for two. So, he would struggle, I mean really struggle to crawl up there and climb onto their backs...and he would no sooner get there and start to look around that one of them would move a little, and Franklin would go flying off into the water. But, did he give up?  No...the little guy kept going back around and trying again...and again...until finally, there he sat, king of the rock. You could almost see the pride in his face.

I was thinking about it when I got home, and I real we could all take a lesson from that little turtle. Never give up no matter how impossible it may seem at times.  There will always be difficulties, problems, and troubles to overcome in life; this is a part of being human, and nature is our best teacher  Giving up is never the solution to the adversities we encounter.  Motivation and determination are the key to never giving up on things you wish to do.  I don't know about you, but things that come easy to me are not appreciated as much as those I had to work for, and by facing and dealing with adversity, I  learn to appreciate life more. 

And since we are on the topic of nature, I wanted to share something with all of you.  Some of you may have seen it already.  A dear, dear friend   
Akasa Wolf Song sent it to me the other day and I am addicted.  I cannot stop watching. It is so totally fascinating.   Keep the browser open all day and on up until I go to bed.  Hope you enjoy the following as much as me.

See every difficulty as a challenge, a stepping stone,
and never be defeated by anything or anyone.

- Eileen Caddy (from 'The Dawn of Change') -


  1. Oh Mary, your are soooooo *badddddddddddddd*! -giggles- We've been sitting here, watching this web cam, nice and blown-up to full screen size on my big Mac. It isssssssssssssss adddddicting!!!!

    Thank you! Have to go thank 'Akasa Wolf Song' also. And pass this on to my d-i-law. The 'Grands' will have a great time, watching!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Hello Mary....thanks for sharing this heartfelt video from the Hopi's.

    I really do believe that our greatest lessons are ALWAYS taught through adversity!!!



  3. Oh my gosh....I'll never get anything done.
    I watched puppies and horses and goats and and hawks AND the like up until a year or so ago.
    Now I'll become addicted again. ;0) instinct tells me I'd be buying another rock or looking for one in my travels so all three can dry their shells at the same time.
    I'm a sucker for critters as you well know.:0)