Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Healthy Diet Time

Note that I said healthy.  I've tried lots of those fad diets and they just don't work, or they do, and then you gain it all back.
Weight Watchers' diet officially began yesterday.  Saturday I did the food shopping and stocked up on healthier, WW approved foods.  I will say I was taken aback when my total was $243 (for two weeks and 3 grown people, not bad here in the city), about $45 more than usual, and all the way home I was picturing that extra money, but that's because I was only looking at the little picture.  Yes, I did pay more, but when you look at the larger picture, I am saving money...

...because included in that total is my breakfast and lunch at work for two weeks.  Those flavored oatmeal packs I had every day were $1.89 each.  That is $18.90 for two weeks just for cereal...and they are full of sugar.  This time I bought a large box of Special K which is healthy and only cost $5.69 for two weeks of breakfast.  And, by golly, the lunch money I save is tremendous.  This is an expensive city to live in, and lunch hovers around $7 daily, sometimes more, sometimes less.  That's $70 for two weeks of lunch...not to mention the snacks....and the daily scenario that follows.  It just goes to show how my day was consumed with thoughts of food.

About 12 pm, Jane calls  me, "What are you having for lunch?"

"I don't know; let's see what Evelyn wants." Seems Evelyn wants Chinese, the rest of us don't.

"I've been craving a beef patty with cheese from Rocket Joe's,' Abby adds.  "I could go for that," I reply.  

"I was thinking of Mexican," says my roommate. "My mouth has been watering for some Nachos and cheese."

"Oh, that sounds good," says forgetting about the Chinese.  

"But, I wanted soup," says Denise.  "I thought we were getting Chinese."

"We haven't had Popeye's for awhile," adds my roommate.

"Mmm, I could go for that."  I say.  'So could I," says Abby.  Before long, we find ourselves all in agreement.  Popeye's it is.  By now it is 1 pm.  

"But they don't deliver," cries  Denise.  "Who is going to go pick it up?"  We all now look at each other, hoping that someone says 'I will', but none of us volunteer.  None of us wants to take that little walk.

So, guess what?  It's back to the drawing board.  By now I am getting nauseous and have begun snacking on the little goodies I keep (or kept) in my desk drawer, but if you notice something, I am never the one with the suggestion.  I am always the follower.  It is usually sometime between two and three that we finally decide what we are going to eat, and, by then, we are all so hungry that we don't even stop for air when we finally begin feeding our faces.  

And that, my dear friends, is a true rendition of the scenario that we follow day after day, week after week.  In sociology, it is a form of groupthink.  It seems that somewhere along the line we have lost our ability for independent thinking.  It also shows how spoiled we have become by expecting everything to be delivered to us.  Is it any wonder that all but one person in my office is overweight? 

Friday was the end for me.  Several of us ended up not even having any lunch because at 3 pm we were still going through the menus, and for me, hunger means nausea and crankiness.   I realized then that I cannot remain a part of the crowd; those days of following my peers because I was so anxious to fit in should have disappeared when I got out of high school.   Today marks the new me here at what I want, when I want.  Wish me luck.  I know if I stay focused I can do this.  After all, I did to stop smoking after doing so for 48 years....just by staying focused.


  1. You are full of awesomeness Mary. I know you can do this, it seems as though you've had many a revelation about your health. I'm rooting for you!

  2. Good for you, Mary! Take control of your eating schedule! Skipping or delaying lunch is very bad for blood sugars and cravings, so bringing a healthy lunch to eat at noon is terrific.

  3. Bravo Mary! :) I know you will finesse this with great aplomb! I will be keeping you in my thoughts for success! Yaaaaay Sister Soul!

  4. Track, track, track those daily points.....pop some fruit or veggies in your mouth between meals, enjoy a Weight Watcher ice cream at night and the two of us will be seeing LESS Of Each Other( figuratively speaking ) :0)
    I'm using Hood Simply Smart low fat milk ( 2 Points a cup ) in my cereal and don't know the difference between it and whole milk :0)
    A package of Quaker oats weight control flavored oatmeal is 4 Points . I pour cold water in it and nuke it.
    A cup and a half of Wheaties is 4 Points and I use the Simply Smart with that.
    Adding fruit stretches it . Yum!
    The Ole' Xtreme Wellness tortilla wraps in different flavors are great to have as a sandwich/wrap. Just 1 Point each where Weight Watcher bread is 2 Points a slice.
    I use low fat cheese with those to make a grilled cheese sandwich ONLY.

    You are so right! You can't wait to eat a meal or you will be starving and over eat.
    You know that's the secret m/f. :0)
    Happy Eating Healthy to the two of us Mary. (((hugs)))

  5. Hi Mary...We are still traveling and it is often hard for me to visit because of limited Wi-Fi....but I did want to stop here and wish you a big CONGRATS.....on this decision. You are truly a disciplined woman and I know this is a great eating plan. Nothing is as important as our health.

    I'll be cheering you on!!!!



  6. Oh I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And oh yes, fad diets have to stop some time, and then what? We all know what? We gain back what we lost, and some more.

    It has to be an eating PLAN. A LIVING different plan.

    We have walked for 3 days now. Big deal I know. But better than no walking! He doesn't need to lose weight but walking is good for EVERYTHING, it seems. So, it's win-win for both of we "old coggers"!

    And you have your mind-around-all-of-this too. And that's important. Mind set is soooooo important.


    Gentle hugs,

  7. Wishing you lots of luck with the ww i started couple of weeks ago :) its so empowering to take back control even with food.......... i noticed how different i felt when taking back control about what i ate instead of just going along with what hubby brought home.... now hes better trained and brings home lots of fresh salad instead

  8. Mary I am so very proud of you! If you can quit smoking you can eat healthy and enjoy it. Just don't let anyone get you off track, you and I both know that once the weight starts coming off you are going to have some that want to treat you to lunch "it isn't going to hurt you". Don't let them derail you! Oh, Mary you can do this, I know that you can! Love you my sweet friend!