Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Didn't get my hair cut this weekend. We had some dreadful weather, and if I am going to pay to have my hair cut, then I'd like the style to at least last until I get home. That's how windy and rainy it was here, and on Saturday it was cold. Thought I even saw a few snowflakes on the way home from the supermarket on Saturday, but I know it wasn't that cold. My imagination was working overtime.

Did all my cooking on Saturday. Sunday I took it easy. I am finding that Sunday is the hardest day for me to stick with this diet. I eat the same amount during the day, but I feel a hunger that I don't feel on the other days. Perhaps it is because I am not as busy and have more time to think about food. 

Started reading Spirit of the Ancestors by Susan Schuster Campbell. It's all about connecting with your ancestors. In the book, she discusses and shares ways to communicate with and honor  your ancestors.  Many cultures have  a tradition of remembering the deceased with a physical gesture such as offering food or drink. One old African custom she talks about is the Ancestor Party. Accordingly, it can be an elaborate meal with many guests or a simple meal taken alone...and it doesn't matter whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's not the meal itself that counts, but your sincere intent to honor your ancestors. The celebration need not be perfect; your effort will be appreciated because it is yours.

Even though your ancestors from generations in the past are not present in your life today, each of your successes validates them. Each of your ancestors whom you have never known played an important role in the person that you are today. So, as you prepare, think about your ancestors, the music of their ethnicity, the foods that represent their heritage. If they were physically coming to your party, what tablecloth and dishware would you choose? Remember, it is not necessary for you to have known them in life. Families have a deep connection. And you will find that, as you plan, images, foods, music, and scents may come to mind. Add some fragrant candles and family photographs. 

Depending on your preferences, you might put a symbolic place setting at the table or simply raise a glass to offer a toast on their behalf.  One idea is to put small tastes of each food on the plate and afterwards put the plate in the garden for the birds and other animals.  It is believed that the ancestors may send unexpected guests to your door when an ancestor party is underway.  On this day, none should be turned away.  

Before moving on, I'd like to share with you a wonderful website I happened upon.  Here you will find a virtual shrine where you can light a virtual candle or make a prayer to your ancestors. 

For the Ancestors 

In keeping with thoughts of dinner parties, recently I was tagged by 
to participate in a Dinner Challenge.  I am to  choose 6 people, living or dead, that I'd like to invite over for dinner. They can be friends and/or family, famous or infamous people. All that is needed is what the individuals might add to the group.  

When I think of my ancestors, it is really hard for me to make a choose one over the other, but if I had to choose one, I guess it would be my great grandmother, Constance Mary Hazel, because having never had the opportunity to meet her, I would welcome the opportunity to sit at the table with this strong woman who, by raising my dad, ensured that I would be born. 

Liz Greene,  my ultra-favorite astrologer, who I would love to do a reading for me, and hopefully I would be able to pry one out of her at the dinner party. 

Dion Fortune, a woman ahead of her time who was never afraid to discuss her beliefs, who inspired others to follow in her footsteps.   I'd like to thank her for her courage.

William Butler Yeats, my ultra favorite poet.  Perhaps he would honor us with some beautiful words.

Joseph Campbell, a very special writer and author who opened my eyes to mythology.  Hopefully, he will tell us some wonderful tales.

And finally, my Mother, so that I might have the opportunity to tell her I love and forgive her and miss her every day of my life. 

Now, I am supposed to nominate others to join me at dinner, but here is where I veer off.  I'd be honored to share dinner with each and every one of you, so all of you are invited. 


  1. Ooooo, that would be a great dinner party! I'm posting my list tomorrow and W.B. Yeats is on it too! He's going to be well fed in the afterlife!

  2. Oh yes, Joseph Campbell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Sun. off, being the hardest, with your new Way Of Living... Hope you will find a way to circumvent this trouble. In time.

    Have you found a book, which is very supportive, to you? Which you could keep by your side, all Sunday? To pick up and read something from, whenever the Urges-To-Eat come along?

    Have you experimented with that which fills you up? Be it drinking water, or having healthy eats, very often, but only to satisfaction, or something? I hope you find a way.

    Such a day, is when we need to fully be able to feel our Reasons For Doing This. HEALTH is my main reason. I hope you find yours.

    It's good to realize that this Sun. Off can be hard. That way, you can work on eliminating this "hardness." In some way. Good wishes.

    Gentle hugs,

  3. An ancestor party is such a neat idea!

    As for a dinner party, I'd invite my grandmothers too - probably all of them (great, and great-great.) I'd love to ask them so many questions about their lives.

    Have a great week Mary!

  4. I love your list Mary. I see you and YellowDog Granny chose family members that have passed on. I love the sentimental choices.

  5. Pull a chair up to my table too. ;0)

    Yep... know from what you speak.
    Being too close to the food source these last few days isn't helping me either.


  6. I do something similar at Samhain.. always have places for my ancestors. I feel many of them with me on my life journey.
    I think I would ask Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene to my table.. and my friend Daisy & my great grandmother from Cornwall

  7. i lid a candle in honour of my grandmother...thank you for the link