Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Bit of 'This and That'

When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
So long as mists envelop you, be still;
be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
-- as it surely will.
Then act with courage.

-Ponca Chief White Eagle-

Courage is doing that which we fear. We are courageous when we stand anyway or when we turn the ordinary into extraordinary. We will all face fear and need to do things we don't want to do in our life, to let go of the old so we can bring in the new. We need to have the courage to either walk away or face it head on.  Courage is a choice.  Not all of my decisions have been good ones; I've made plenty of mistakes.  But, I will never have to regret not having the courage to try. 

The title of today's post was actually the title of the first blog I attempted; it has long since been deleted.  The blog was exactly as the title says, a little bit of this and that.  Each posting included quotes,
Lore of the Day,
flower or plant of the day, etc.  Sometimes even a recipe and household tips.  It was totally too much work so it was banished in favor of Moontides.
I wanted to share a few photos with you.  I'm still practicing here with my camera so bear with me.  Yesterday I had planned to walk you with me on my way to work, but, alas, because of Passover, the Jewish people had already set out their garbage, and lots of it, because this is their time of Spring cleaning.  One day I'll snap some photos, but it looked so darned ugly out there.  I did manage to get a picture of the first stairway I have to climb to go to work each day.  You've all heard me complaining about how difficult it has become; now you will see why. 

Now, when you reach the top there is a short walk through the turnstile and another set of stairs.  They've gotten funny here with people taking pictures of subway stations since all the terrorist threats, so I didn't want to take a chance.  I know people still take pictures, but with my luck, I'd get caught just as I clicked the picture, and an undercover officer would confiscate the camera I've waited so long for.

This is our fish tank at work.  The orange spots are the fishies.  Don't know why they look like this.  Guess because they are always on the move.  That ugly thing in the center is the pump.  

These are the little guys who put on the show during the training the other day.  They are just too funny to watch.  

And this third little guy facing away from the rock is the one who kept falling back into the water the other day.  As you can see, he's quite independent, usually swimming about or sitting on the rock by himself.


  1. great pictures...i love the critters...the stairs , not so much...i can understand why you dislike them

  2. Oh my Dear, you do have a lot, lot, lot of steps to climb. -sigh- I'm sure that losing weight will help a lot, in taking pressure off of your poor knees. -sigh-

    Cute fish tank.

    You are doing fine with the picture taking! Please, just keep taking pics, and not being so hard on yourself, as to your photography skills. Nothing happens over night.

    Your pics are already perfectly fine. Whether you believe it or not. But keep taking pics! Everything and anything! Play with them, when you get the chance. Crop them and lighten them. Just with the Pic Program which comes with your computer. No need for fancy PhotoScapes stuff.

    Some pics, you will like. Some you will want to try again. Some will surprise you, with how they please EVEN YOU!

    -chuckle- I say EVEN YOU because I know perfectly well, how you [and I] are our own first Critic! "Awwwww, this pic isn't as clear as the ones Susie Q. posts." Yep, we both are experts at that kind of a line, right? :-)

    Nope! No more! Enjoy snapping pics! Enjoy! Get addicted to it! Have fun! And use your blog, to have fun, showing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh but! I worry about taking random pictures, IN THE CITY. Do NOT get some deranged person mad at you, for him/her thinking you are taking pics of him/her. You probably will be taking pics, of the store front, near him/her but... BE CAREFUL first!!!!!!!!

    See? Am I not a match for you, in "worry-wart-ness"? -gigggles-

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Great pix and yes, that's one helluva set of stairs!

  4. Dear Mary,
    I agree with the others..these are great pictures! The turtles are absolutely adorable. OMG! You climb those stairs on a daily basis?? You are my hero! :)
    I enjoyed your "this & that" post very much!
    Have a great evening my dear. xo

  5. OMG! Those stairs would do me in I'm afraid.
    The trash would have been a nicer picture to me. ;0)

    Love it that you are using a camera though.

  6. Hi Mary....How great is it that you have a fish tank at work!! Don't know about those stairs though....I got winded just looking at your wonderful pictures.



  7. Oh, what a great idea to take a camera (and us!) along!

    I LOVE the turtles. I think they are smarter than they look....