Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Rainy Day in April

"Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers."

-  Thomas Tusser -

Good afternoon on this rainy Tuesday afternoon.  I'm late posting today because I stayed home and climbed back under the covers.  My throat was a little sore, some sneezing, and a runny nose so I decided to stay home and take care of me.  Actually, too, I have accumulated so much sick time I am trying to get it down to something manageable.  As it stands now, I could take off twice a month for a year and still have time...and then, in January another 15 days are tacked on.   And, it is because I never took care of me that I have all that time.  

Hubby used to get so mad at me when I would go in sick or in so much pain I could barely make it to the subway.  He'd often say, "You're killing yourself, and after you're gone, they'll only just find someone else."  And you know what?  He was right.  I found that out when I asked for three days vacation and had it declined because someone else was off at that time.  Well, that would be all fine and dandy if you didn't let everyone take off the two weeks of Christmas holidays and leave only myself and one other counselor year after year  And, those are the times that I literally drag myself in when I am sick because I don't want to leave them stuck. 

Don't want this to turn into a rant, and it does seem to be turning that way.  I'm just hurt, that's all, and still smarting from my boss's refusal.  Also a little bewildered because I wanted off the next three days and was refused, so why does my office mate have off the same three days next week? It's nice to be personal friends with the boss, but that's also not honest, and I would hate to have the people whispering behind my back.   So I will stop now and climb my butt back under the covers and await the thunder showers they have predicted.  I love being in bed in stormy weather.  Nothing more soothing than the rain beating against the window.  

Here's hoping you all have a great day.

"When the clouds shake their hyssops, and the rain
Like holy water falls upon the plain,
'Tis sweet to gaze upon the springing grain
And see your harvest born.
And sweet the little breeze of melody
The blackbord puffs upon the budding tree,
While the wild poppy lights upon the lea
And blazes 'mid the corn."

-  Francis Ledwidge -


  1. What better place to be then in your little nest on a stormy day. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Excellent that you took a take-are-of-me-day. With that job, you certainly neeed them. -sigh-

    And it may be nice to listen to the rain. But not many like to walk in it, when it's still cool weather...

    Gentle hugs...

  3. If you received the storms that we got early this morning, you should have slept real well! We were under tornado watch from 2:30 to 10 this morning. The wind was really blowing. The rains finally stopped about 8. Hope you are enjoying your day!


  4. T Storm here too around 10 a.m.
    Hope your day was all you wanted it to be and MORE. (((hugs)))

  5. so, so important to look after yourself.. specially when you are an empath or sensitive!!
    make sure you do a complete cleanse and surround yourself in pink and blue.. love and healing... K?
    sending love xo