Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Quote

The question, "Which is the happiest season of life?" was asked of an aged man. And he replied: "When spring comes, and in the soft air the buds are breaking on the trees, and they are covered with blossoms, I think, 'How beautiful is spring'; and when summer comes and covers the trees with its heavy foliage, and singing birds are among the branches, I think, 'How beautiful is summer.' When autumn loads them with golden fruit, and their leaves bear the gorgeous tint of frost, I think, 'How beautiful is autumn.' And when it is severe winter, and there is neither foliage nor fruit, then I look up through the leafless branches as I never could until now, and see the stars shine in God's home. 


Happy Earth Day


  1. That's such a lovely quote, Mary my friend, showing how one can see beauty in all the different seasons, I know I do, for I love them all, seeing I blend in with whatever season I'm in.



  2. Happy Earth Day, Mary -- great quotation!

  3. This is just wonderful, Mary! Thank you for sharing! And a splendid Earth Day to you! :)

  4. That is such a beautiful quote Mary! Every season, be it of nature or of our own lives has its own beauty. I love them all. Happy Earth Day friend! :)