Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Signs from the Otherworld

 The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  The must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

All my life I have believed that there was something more, that death was not the end. One life is not enough to experience all there is to experience.  And one life does nothing to explain the disparities among our status at birth.  Why are some born poor while others rich?  Why are some born sickly while others are gifted with health?  Why do some die young while others live to a ripe old age?  

Yes, this is what I believed in until my son had his near death experience.  When a nurse asked him what he saw, he responded 'nothing', I saw nothing.  One moment I was riding in the with my friend, and the next thing I remember is waking up with the doctors and nurses hovering over me.  And I began to question my beliefs.  But, then when I had a chance to think about it, I thought about people and dreams--some people remember all them while some people don't remember any.  And, if there is nothingness after death, how do I explain the many different experiences with the Otherworld I have had throughout the years. 

There was the Angel who saved my life 40 years ago and the brand new makeup that went missing off my dresser the day I bought it, never to be found again.  The radios turning themselves on at 2 am every morning.  Or the woman who visited us every night when we went to bed, always on my side of the bed as if someone were watching over me.  I always thought it was my maternal grandmother, but after 60 years I cannot remember the scent of her cologne, but I do remember how she loved her Hydrangea bushes and how her front yard used to smell.  The other night that scent seemed to permeate my room, and I knew my grandma was paying me a visit.  

For months prior to Miss Minga's passing I'd been feeling a cat rub against my legs or heard the the clicking of its claws as it made its way across my living room floor.  I often thought that might be Miss Minga's daughter, Twinkie, waiting to help her mom with the transition. Miss Minga was fast asleep at my feet.  Since her passing, that has all disappeared.  Now Miss Minga has been visiting me, and leaving visible proof that she was there.   In fact, it is actually very common for people to receive some sort of sign or message after the passing of a beloved pet.

First I found the fur next to my computer. I know it was not there before I went to bed because I had just been sitting at the computer the night before, and it wasn't there.  Actually, I'd spent the previous day scouring the living room looking for some.  In her old age, Miss Minga's fur would fall out in small clumps when new fur had grown in underneath.   I couldn't find any.  The next morning this was by my computer.

Rainbows are a common sign.  Last Sunday I went to church and afterward headed to Met Food to purchase a few items for Sunday lunch.  For some reason I was drawn to the cat food and as I gazed at her favorite foods, tears came to my eyes and I had to pull myself away before I lost it.  Then, as I was waiting for the bus, I looked down, and there it was...a rainbow on the ground right at my feet, just as she used to lie at my feet. (The tip of the cane and the boot are mine) I have waited for this bus hundreds of times and NEVER saw anything like this.

A few days ago I found a white feather under the dining room table in the exact spot Miss Minga used to lie when I was sitting there.  White feathers are very well known as a sign from our loved ones that they are happy and are visiting us.

And finally, the picture I found on my phone, the picture I didn't take.  Notice Miss Minga's face on the right.  Look a little lower, and you will see the smaller, back of a head and ears of a darker cat.  Twinkie?

I've been blessed with these signs from my girl, my special little angel.  I know she is with me, watching over me.  Perhaps one day the tears will stop. 

How about you?  Any signs or symbols from the Otherworld be it human or pet?  Would love to hear about it.


  1. For quite a few months after my cat HRH passed away, My Rare One and I would catch fleeting glimpses of her movements out of the corner of our eyes or otherwise sense her presence with us. I still occasionally do, even here in a new place where she never lived! But her ashes are here with me in a beautiful box, actually just on top of my computer hutch.

  2. RE: your son. I think that it's common with accidents, and other sudden unexpected life threatening situations not to see anything. Besides, it wasn't his time. To be honest, hearing others talk about seeing nothing, or just things seeing things like a light, or a presence assures me that what I believe is true. when we die we simply transition into the other place/dimention. Since, it wasn't his time, it makes sense that he didn't experience this. My father was quite active after he passed. He used to call my mother on the phone every morning at exactly 4:00 am. While I believe that we have a "review" of our life, I don't believe in rewards and punishments. Our earthly lives are simply to experience.

  3. There are some people that don't see anything during near death experiences and then there are others who do. I like your comparisons to the dreams. We all dream every day but some of us remember and some don't.

    Before Hercules we had a different kitty. His name was Oliver (not current Oliver.. my son's Oliver is actually Oliver Jr.). We only had him for a year when he was hit by a car in front of our house. I took it very hard and cried for a long time. When he was alive I used to love hearing his gentle footsteps in the hallway and the floor creaking slightly as he walked. I always knew when he was coming around the corner. To my surprise that didn't stop after his death. I would hear the floor gently creak and expect him to round the corner, only to remember that he is no longer with us. Or was he? It was bitter sweet. :)