Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday 'What do you Think?"

Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy.

Benjamin Franklin

Morning all.  Rain on the radar for today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  Not liking it too much, but it is April so I can't complain.  I've been feeling kind of down lately.  Major flare of my fibro. Don't know whether it is the change in weather, or maybe I've been pushing myself too hard.  All I know is I hurt right now.  But, I don't allow it to keep me down.  This morning I am off to art class.  Speaking of art class...

My first attempt at drawing a fairy.  I used watercolor pencils.  Didn't even know they had them until a peer in art class showed them to me.

Okay, question for you all.  Need some advice.  As you probably know, I belong to a couple of penpal groups on FB, and have been corresponding with a few very nice women...and one cranky old bitty, who, as you have probably guessed, I'd like to stop writing to.  It all started out okay with her, but then I began noticing that she was criticizing her penpals on the group.  For example, she posted that one of her penpals 'places her words too close to each other, and could she please spread them apart so that she could read it'. The NERVE of her.  The woman is supposed to change her style of writing for her?  I also correspond with the woman in question, and I have no problem in reading her letters.

To another she posted not to send letters on pink paper anymore.  She can't read letters on any color paper but white.  What the ....?  And she complained that another writes too short letters.  When someone commented that perhaps she would get longer letters if she asked questions of her penpals because then they would have something to write about, she remained silent.

And that's true.  She has never asked me a question, but she did have the NERVE to ask me not to put perfume on her letters.  How laughable is that?  I live on a limited budget.  I am not going to waste my precious cologne spraying a letter going out to her.  Probably when my arm rubbed against the letter it left some scent on it, but I WILL NOT take a shower to specifically write to write her letter.

And talk about atrocious handwriting.  I could barely understand half of her letter.  She wrote something about a family issue and I offered sympathetic advice to be rather rudely told "You didn't read what I said correctly.  I said that..."  I would have said something like  "I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself properly" or "I'm sorry you misunderstood."  I would never automatically accuse someone of not reading their letter properly.

Needless to say, after reading this letter I had a knot in my tummy, and decided I didn't want to write her anymore.  This is supposed to be fun.  I shouldn't have to feel like a student sending my paper off to be graded and then receiving a stern correction.  But, I also don't want to hurt feelings, either, no matter how cranky a bitty she is.  I'm thinking of just not writing anymore and hoping she doesn't even notice, but what if she does?  What do I tell her?  Or should I just tell her upfront I don't want to be penpals any longer?  I do for bad for her.  How can one 'really' be happy when they are so miserable with everything?  What would you do?

Have a good one.  Stay dry. 


  1. Maybe wean her off by sending fewer letters and less frequently. Switch to infrequent cards with a couple of lines of written text in due course. Then just tail off to nothing.

  2. well my first inclination is to always call the person out on their rudeness but I'm chicken poop at that soooooo,
    you know what,,, you effort would likely be wasted on her, let it go and move on, forget about her, she is obviously a bitter person who needs to rethink her ways,,, you don't need negative people in your life,,,

  3. You probably wouldn't want to know what I'd do, but I'll tell you anyway seeing you've asked, so I'll be quite frank, when some people start to criticize me like my family has done, that's when this Witch tells them to take a hike.

    By the way, I like your drawing, Mary, very colorful.

  4. Love your farie........ahhhh.....relationships....the joy of our existence and the bane of our existence! LOL