Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Pics

When I'm out in nature, I feel a stronger sense of gratitude
and awe, and I see more clearly just how beautiful this
world is. I need that feeling every once in a while if I'm to
keep a clear perspective in my daily life on just what is truly
important and just what isn't. We nourish our souls when
we get in touch with nature, and our souls are the part
of ourselves that we so often neglect.

Tom Walsh

Yesterday I packed up my lunch before leaving for class and afterwards, instead of going straight home, I got off the bus and sat in the park for awhile. What better way to spend Earth Day. It was a beautiful day with rain expected later in the afternoon and cooler temperatures on the way. So, I took advantage of it when I could. Not much to say today, but some pictures to show.

One view of the park. It sure does need a good cleaning.

From my bench.  I've started calling it my bench because this is where I always sit.  It's funny how we resist change in the smallest ways sometimes.  I sat on another bench and just was not comfortable.  As soon as the people left, I ran to sit on 'my' bench.

Directly over my head.

A nest on the pole?  Lots of chatter comes from there.

On the walk home.  A sure sign that summer is on its way.

Another sign of spring.

Look at all that beautiful nature.  Shame of it is that those are the subway tracks, and we aren't allowed any closer.  I'd love to walk through those woods.

Beautiful sky.  Do you see anything in this cloud?  I kind of see a kitty--two legs and tail, to outstretched front legs, not so sure about the head.  Maybe I am just seeing things in nothing now.

Hard to believe that rain was on the way.

Final stop was the fruit stand for Mandarins.  Picked up some blueberries along with Muscat grapes and Heirloom tomatoes.  Always finding something new at that store.  

Have a good one.


  1. These photos of yours, Mary, my friend, are fabulous, and yes, I do see this kitty.

  2. Good morning Mary.....sounds like you are enjoying your spring weather up there. I love it that you look at clouds.....I think that is something people do as they learn to appreciate the small things. Happy Earth month....



  3. I totally see that kitty Mary! Those are some beautiful pics by the way... and these blossoms.. wow. We don't have anything this gorgeous on our trees yet.... maybe another couple of weeks or so... or maybe a week if this weather decides to warm up again...