Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

The best kind of rain, of course, is a cozy rain. This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you’d just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam and look out the streaked window with complacency.

Susan Allen Toth, England For All Seasons

Happy rainy Monday to all. It's coming down in torrents this morning. You know that I will be staying in. Have a wee bit of homework to complete and some letters to write. I do love having penpals. It just feels so good to find something in the mailbox other than bills.  I've given up on the gift swaps though.  Seems like I was always getting the wrong partner, the one who takes your gift but sends nothing in return. 

Spent some quality time in the park on Saturday. We actually hit 80 degrees. I packed myself a nice lunch--peanut butter and apple butter on a whole wheat Tumaro wrap, yogurt, and a mandarin. Sat and ate my lunch while I people watched and then read a bit on my Kindle before taking my slow walk home.

No leaves budding on the trees, but the sky was simply amazing.  
It will soon be two months since my little angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and still I cry for her every day.  I miss her so darn much. I don't cry all day like it used to be, but I will be sitting in my rocker, and suddenly it will hit me that she is not lying at my feet. I still find myself gazing at all her special places--her many pillow beds, her food dishes--and when I see them empty tears begin to flow. As I posted last week I've been blessed to have several signs from her--photo, feather, fur, rainbow--and  I feel blessed that she has reached out to me. The other night something amazing occurred. 

In her elder years, especially during this past year, Miss Minga had a habit of 'screaming' for me. She never wanted me to leave the room, and she didn't want to come with me either. She'd cry out for me, and if I happened to be busy in another room, she'd muster up all her strength and let out the loudest scream. To the neighbors, it probably sounded like she was being hurt, but it was only my little angel being her spoiled little self. "I want what I want when I want it." And I am so glad that I took the time to give her whatever she wanted. I have no regrets.

I was sound asleep, having a nice dream.  I totally remember the dream, and cats were definitely not a part of it.  Suddenly,  I was awakened by one of her loudest cries.   I awoke with such a start and headed for the living room to look for her.  Hubby was watching me perplexed.  I just KNOW that that was her. Not only did I recognize her voice, but I live in the rear of an apartment house. My windows all open to a little square courtyard that is enclosed on all sides by the building. There are definitely no cats there so it didn't come from outdoors.  She knew that when I was sleeping or near sleep, my vibration is the closest it can get to the vibration she is in now,  and she mustered up everything in her to reach out to me. What a precious gift that was! 

Last night I made Italian Salisbury Steak. Couldn't figure what to make with it so I settled on some veggie pasta. Very simple to make, and cheap.  Few ingredients.

1 Egg (beaten)
1 tsp. low sodium Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 cup seasoned Whole Wheat breadcrumbs
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1 lb. lean ground beef
1 can Diced Tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic (do not drain)
1 can Tomato sauce
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper flakes (or as spicy as you like)

Mix first five ingredients.  Crumble beef into the mixture and mix well.  Shape into oval patties and brown on both sides.  Pour diced tomatoes and tomato sauce over the meat.  Season with red pepper flakes.  Bring to boil and simmer until done. 

Hubby doesn't like tomatoes, but he does like tomato sauce.  Go figure. So after sauce cooled somewhat I put it in the blender. 

Have a good one.


  1. Yes, Miss Minga was yowling for you from beyond!

  2. Oh . . . how I love those trees reaching up for the sky,
    and somehow,
    I feel your Miss Minga is very nearby,
    you Mary,
    my friend,
    which I hope you'll always consider me to be,
    and furthermore,
    I just want to add,
    how much your dish is making me hungry.



  3. I'm so happy for you Mary, that you heard from Miss Minga. She loved you when she was physically with you, and she always will! :)

    Your dinner looks marvelous. I can smell its wonderful scent all this distance away!

  4. I love your beginning quote. It makes me want to have that kind of day. We almost did today with dark and rainy morning but unfortunately it was Monday and sleeping in was not possible.

    I'm so glad Miss Minga is reaching out to you from beyond. She knows you're hurting and she wants you to know she is ok. Tears will flow for a while but with time it will get better and one day you'll be able to think of Miss Minga without tears and only with love and remember all the happiness she brought you.

    Your dish looks amazing by the way. Yum!