Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Roundup

Good morning. Ni hao ma. That's 'how are you' in Chinese.  Probably all I will master in this course.  I've always been poor at second languages.     It's a rainy morning  here so indoor plans are in order.  I just got a new book on drawing and painting fairyland, and this will give me a chance to read it. 

I've had a busy week.  First day at Curanderismo and Chinese class.  I love curanderismo, but not too keen on Chinese.  I guess I have to give it some time.  Spent a lot of time in the park on Wednesday after class.  Packed my lunch and brought it with me.  I've discovered Tumaro wraps.  Low in carbs, 60 calories, and only 2 WW points.  Had it with peanut butter and apple butter. 

Dinner the other night.  Cumin Spiced Pork with Chimichurra.  The Chimichurra called for one clove garlic. I love garlic and used three. Also used Italian parsley, cilantro, scallions, red wine vinegar, Olive oil and a wee bit of oil. The recipe called for pork tenderloin but I used pork strips sprinkled with cumin, added peppers, and cooked in my green pan rather than grill pan.

 For the Chimichurra.

Planning on heading to the park tomorrow to take advantage of this wonderful spring weather before the heat falls upon us.  I'm not good in the summer.  I cannot handle heat and humidity very well which is why, aside from snow and ice, I prefer winter if I had to chose between the two.  At least you can pile on layers and get warm. 

Got this book from Amazon yesterday. Looking forward to curling up on my chair and reading it.  Wondering if anyone here has read it.  Any thoughts?

Well, I'll be signing off for this week.  Hope you all have a good one.  May your weekend be filled with lots of rest, laughter, and love.


  1. Mmmm, your pork and chimichurra looks so good! I haven't read that book but it looks like it could be interesting. I've always found the concept of sacred space intriguing.

  2. I've never heard of this book but it looks quite interesting. It's very important to me what kind of energy I surround myself with. Have a great read Mary!

    Oh, and that spiced pork and chimichurra... Yum!!