Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning.  Today I am off to see the eye doctor.  It's been a good many years. Yes, I have been very lax in taking care of myself.  My Kindle and glasses from Duane Reade have enabled me to read very comfortably.  Actually, I kept regular appointments when I attended the New York Eye and Ear Clinic, but when I left my old job, my new insurance refused to pay unless I had a referral, and, of course, my new clinic had their own eye doctors.

Speaking of insurance, my plan called me the other day to tell me they have assigned a nurse case manager to work with me.  Perhaps this is because of my recent hospital visit.  I was going to refuse but then thought twice about it.  Since insurance decided I needed it, I might as well see what it's all about, and plus, she'll assist me with all the social services available to me.  

This is another view of my block.  I think I live on one of the prettier Brooklyn streets.  Several of these trees line the sidewalks.  

This is a close up of some of the berry-like things which hang from the trees.

Don't you just hate double standards?  One for the public and another for those in positions of authority?  I've gotten used to police officers double parking or sitting in no parking zones for their morning break.  In fact, I really don't even mind.  After all, they put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.  It's the others that really get me.

Take the other day, for example.  After Weight Watchers  I  was waiting for the bus and an ambulance pulled into the bus stop with its lights flashing.  The driver parked and left the lights flashing as she went into the laundramat with a bag of laundry.  Meanwhile, the bus arrived and couldn't pull into the stop. When the bus cannot pull up to the curb, those of us who are less mobile have a harder time climbing on.  Now, she may very well have been on her lunch hour, and if so has a right to use it to get her laundry down, but NOT to flash the ambulance lights and park in the bus stop.

And then yesterday really took the cake.  I had to go to Rite Aid, and since I was passing the subway station, I figured I would stop and put some money on my card. So, I go to the booth, and the clerk is nowhere to be seen.  Okay, so he probably made a bathroom run.  I'll wait.  So I wait, and wait, and wait, and then I see him.  He's not in the bathroom.  He's got the door to the booth open, and he's over there smoking a cigarette.  ON NY TRANSIT PROPERTY!!!!  Let one of us do it, and we'd get a summons and a $50 fine.  

Another one of my dishes.  I'm trying to substitute veggies for all the rice and potatoes I used to eat, and veggies can get boring.  So, I've been looking for little ways to make them more interesting.

This recipe calls for a head of cauliflower, red, yellow, and orange mini peppers, garlic, chopped onion, one can of diced tomatoes, I use Hunts w. basil, garlic, and oregano, black pepper, Romano cheese, and olive oil.

Place cauliflower, peppers, garlic, and onion in baking pan.  Drizzle olive oil over top and place in oven.  Heat until browned.  Add diced tomatoes, black pepper and cheese.  Mix and heat in oven for about 10-15 minutes.

Well, time to get ready for my appointment. See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Hope your appointment goes well! I love your recipe - my eating habits have become horrid lately. I have cauliflower at home, I"ll give this a try!