Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Morning This and That

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.

Author Unknown

Good morning, everyone. Wasn't it an absolutely gorgeous weekend? Hope you all had a chance to get out and enjoy. Saturday morning I got up early, took care of some housework, and headed off to the park with my Kindle. After all that rain, it felt good to sit there and breathe in the cool, fresh air. Afterwards I went home and finished up packing my summer away and took the last of the winter out. Cleaned closets and drawers. Sorted through stuff and packed some for Goodwill. Unlike hubby, I don't hang onto things. You can't when you live in a small apartment. But, I do have to say, he is getting better. 
When hubby was working he was addicted to shoes.  Every time I turned around he was buying shoes. And he kept all of them in a box.  In the old place, we had plenty of room, but here he has all these boxes packed up in a black garbage bag.  Surprised me, but as soon as I mentioned it and asked what he was planning to do with them, he got up and got the bag to go through them and said he will be giving away most of them.  He doesn't need so many dress shoes anymore.  This is a big accomplishment for someone I consider a hoarder.  Proud of you, hubby.

Sometimes I wonder if he hangs on to all these ties, dress clothes, and shoes because he thinks he will one day be able to return to work...or else it giving it away reminds him of the finality of his career, that he will not be able to work anymore.  I know he would like to.  Not too long ago he got his CDL license so he could drive a cab.  He lasted two days.  It was 12 hours a day for such a measly bit of money. By the time he payed for gas and use of the car, he was earning only about $3 an hour.  That's why these drivers work such long hours 7 days a week.  It's the only way they can survive.  They have no social or family life.  And for someone like hubby who is so very sick, it would probably kill him. 

In fact, hubby is not really doing so good.  The doctor said his liver is deteriorating, and he would like to start him on some trial medication.  The last treatment he took for a year, and it made him so sick, only to end up finding out that it had failed. He's talking about signing the title of the car over to me so  that, even though I cannot drive it, I can sell it for some extra cash.  He's also worried about how I will handle it when he is gone.   I don't like hearing things like this.  I know it's wrong, but I prefer living in denial. 

Blood oranges.  My latest addiction.  So juicy and loaded with antioxidants that regular oranges don't have.

On Sunday, I went to church in the morning.  It was a wee bit cooler. What always amazes me though is that the church is only 4 blocks away, but it is always so much colder and windier there because it is closer to the water. Especially when I wait for the bus to come home.  I used to be able to walk it, but those days are long gone.  I'm hoping when I get more of this weight off I'll be able to walk again like I used to.  Came home and heated myself up the last of the veggie soup I had made.  Not many veggies left in it, but it sure warmed me up.

Well, that's about it for this morning.  Will be heading out to the old center for some bingo.  Talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. Yes, driving a cab is a thankless way to earn money. Long hours, high overhead and can be dangerous too. Glad to hear your hubby's staying safe at home instead.

  2. So good to hear your Hubby is not driving a cab. Awful job. And good for him for sorting through shoes he no longer really needs. It's a big step, and he should be proud of himself. Hugs, Mary!