Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Roundup

 The greatest wealth is health.  


Good morning, and a happy Friday to everyone.  With the sun shining, this day already looks better than yesterday which, aside from the rain, turned out to be  one of those Murphy's Law days,  We all have them once in awhile, but made it all the more uncomfortable was the nasty cold I am nursing.  It all began when I was leaving the house to go to Weight Watchers.  I was all dressed to leave, and as I went to pull the front door shut, the door knob came off in my hand. I grabbed hubby's screwdriver, but  every time I thought I had it on tight it fell off again.  Hubby had already left for his doctor's appointment. I wasn't about to get the super because the time he got it together, my Weight Watcher's meeting would be over.  He's the nicest guy and always willing to help, but he is a perfectionist, and everything he does is done well, but awfully slow.

Eventually, I got the knob on tight and stepped outdoors. The bus was down the block.  "Oh, please let me make the light," I said to myself, but it wasn't meant to be. I don't move as fast as I once did.  There was another bus a few stops back so I stood and waited for it. There was a light rain falling, but it was windy, and my umbrella was absolutely useless.  By the time the bus finally arrived everything, including my hair, was wet.  Thank goodness it was warm outdoors.

So, I catch the bus and make my transfer with no problem, but I end up getting off at Bay Ridge Avenue rather than Bay Ridge Parkway.  Wouldn't have minded the walk but, as I said, I have a cold, and I was already wet.  Another bus wasn't in sight, so I ended up hiking it all the way there...which wasn't long, but when you are not feeling well and have back and knee pain, ten blocks can seem like an eternity. 

I stop for a minute to buy a game card because I know I won't be going out today or tomorrow, and this will give me something to do, then eventually arrive at Weight Watchers.  I took off 4 ounces.  Would have liked to have taken off more, but at least I didn't gain.  I sat down and as I reached for my shoes, a huge water bug scurried out from under the chair. Yikes!!!  But that is not the end of it.

After my meeting, I stopped into C Town to pick up a few items I need since I was already planning to stay in until Sunday to nurse my cold. But, when I get to the register, I discover that I left my wallet home.  Luckily, I  only needed a few items, and I always carry a few quarters around in case I don't have enough money on my metrocard.   So, with those quarters and the change I found at the bottom of my purse, I managed to swing it. Of course, the other customers were rolling their eyes as I counted out change, but patience is something we all have to learn.

So, that was my Thursday.  I'd say that was enough for one week.  Today I'm feeling pretty bad, and I don't plan on stepping outside.  In fact, I plan on staying in until Sunday.  This weekend will be one of rest.  See you all on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Not only am I sometimes "that old lady" counting out change coin by slow coin, these days even paying in actual cash money marks you as an old fuddy-duddy! Everyone under 40 uses debit for every purchase, it seems, no matter how small. Makes me feel old LOL!

  2. Oh, you seem pretty upbeat after that start to your day! I would have been crying. :) Hope your weekend is much better!

  3. Hope you kick your cold over the weekend.