Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hump Day Ramble

Autumn is the perfect time to take account of what we’ve done, what we didn’t do, and what we’d like to do next year. 

Author Unknown

Good morning, and a happy Hump Day to all.  It's been a rather unusual week so far, temperature wise.  With all this heat and  humidity, it seems that summer is struggling to return.  Some heavy rains due tomorrow.  Bring back the cool autumn breeze, and I'll be happy.

Went to the opthamologist yesterday. and it was just as I expected.  I do need glasses but will have to meet with the optomologist for that.  I have dry eye syndrome and well early  macular degeneration which probably stems from my age and high blood pressure and suspected glaucoma. No need for any medications at this time. Next appointment in December for a field test.  Remind me to bring sun glasses along.  Had no idea how those drops would affect me when I stepped outdoors.

Since my doctor is in the same building, I stopped by to get a copy of my blood work.  Basically, there were only a few irregularities.  My WBC and RBC were slightly elevated, but I was under a lot of stress that day. My thyroid tests were within normal range.  Hip, hip, hooray.  The only worrisome part is the pre-diabetes, but that can, and will be, controlled by diet.  No more sweets for me. 

Meanwhile, I made a curried chicken, potato, and carrots dish last night.  Turned out pretty good albeit a bit spicy.  I wanted something easy since the nurse was coming.

Speaking of the nurse,  to be honest, I didn't like her.  She seemed cold and unfriendly as she took my medical history.  I really feel that I would like to meet with a therapist to get some of the things I carry around off my chest.  I didn't feel like I could open up to her enough to ask for a referral.  Of course, it's only the first visit, so I'll see how it is next month.   Can't judge someone on one meeting alone. 

Well, that's about all I have to say today.  Not feeling very wordy.  Hope you all have a good one.


  1. Mary, your curry dish sounds wonderful. It's too bad you didn't like your nurse. I hope it's as you say, and you like her the next time she visits! :).