Saturday, June 29, 2013

Need Some Help on This One

I've been reading about Google Reader going away on Monday, and after much research on line, most say the best alternative is Feedly, so I jumped the gun and did it.  My blog still looks the same, but who knows after Monday.  After trying about reading a few blogs on Feedly, what I found is that the wonderful backgrounds on your blogs doesn't come up.  Instead, it looks plain and boring.  Am I doing something wrong?  Will the days of pretty backgrounds be over?  And what have you chosen to do  when the reader goes away?  I don't want to lose you all.  


  1. I'm trying out both Feedly and Bloglovin. With Bloglovin far as I can tell (it's how I'm reading your post right now :D) Shows you the blog page with all the pretty backgrounds just like normal. With Feedly, it seems to work a bit differently. But if you click on the post you want to read, then click on preview you can see the background just fine. Seems like a bit more work to read a post, but I don't know yet. I think most bloggers are going the way of Bloglovin as far as I can tell.

  2. I'm using bloglovin too. The only thing that isn't great is that it takes longer to get the feeds, but not that much longer. I find it pretty good, actually. You might want to get it and compare!

  3. Google Reader is going, (or has already gone) away. But Google Friend Connect is not. That's the box that lists the followers to your right or left, however your blog is laid out. :) Friend connect is staying. That's how i follow your blog and how you follow mine, etc. I still have a 'blogs i read' mailbox, and it shows each blog's entries every day. I haven't gone to blogloving or feedly yet. I researched last week, and found that many people are mistaken about which widget is going... I hope this makes sense?? :)

  4. Mary....I think I have been using bloglovin for sometime....although I'm not exactly sure. We will see what happens to my blog on July lst.



  5. I tried bloglovin and feedly and I'm found that I like the usability of freedly better and am going to stick with that one.

  6. Read another blogger, who is happy with Bloglovin.

    I certainly wouldn't want to use one, which eliminated a blog BACKGROUND. Some of us put too much thought and work, into how our blog Looks. Not everyone one does, but.... I'd hate to think my readers, couldn't see my Background, any more.

    I'm in hopes my private blog, of blogs i follow, will still show new posts... When July 1st dawns. Fingers crossed. ,-)

    But actually, I follow such a small number, compared to many bloggers, I could access them, by just their URL's, if I had to.

    Good luck to all of us, on July 1st!!!!!!

  7. I cannot even comment on Samantha's blog all I can do is leave a checkmark in a tiny box. I am very upset about Google, first they changed You Tube and ruined it. I hope they are not going to ruin our blogs as well.

    Looks like we are going to have to move I guess. I would like to talk about this move and keep our circle together if possible.

    hugs and blessing Sharon

  8. Beings I haven't been in the MIX lately, I'm totally confused about of which you all are talking about. :0( sighhhhhhhhhhhhh