Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning....14 Days to Go

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  

Russel Baker

This morning I really don't want to go to work.  It's hot and humid, and I don't do very well in this kind of weather.  With my thyroid issues I sweat more than most and break out a rash.  The heaviness in the air also makes breathing difficult. I really do have to lose some more weight so I have been planning super healthy foods for lunch when I retire.  I can close my eyes and picture myself sitting on a bench under a tree in the park and munching on a homemade fruit bowl while reading my Kindle.  Ah, the good life is just around the corner.

This was a cooking weekend.  I was thinking that this would be my last cooking weekend, but my next paycheck actually comes one week before my last day.  Actually, though, it shouldn't be so bad.  I'll just cook for a week, and who knows, I may only need two or three meals depending on what I have left in the freezer.  It will 'definitely' be my last time ironing for work. I have three weeks worth of clothes ironed and ready to wear.  

It was a shock last week to hear of James Gandolfini's death.  He was a very special man and was very connected to my agency.  One of those few stars who had time for the underdog.  On Friday, my boss sent an email to all of us staff which really brought tears to my eyes.  Below is an excerpt from that letter....

'He spoke movingly of his own experiences of not having a place of his own to call home. And afterward he said he wanted to visit, and do more.

And he did, coming to our Chelsea residence along with his son, college friend and friend's daughter, to volunteer. They came quietly -- Jim drove -- and without any ceremony, to serve dinner. Residents would remark to him: "You look like that guy on TV" and he'd reply "I get that a lot." Until finally someone said: "Hey, that's Tony Soprano," to which he simply smiled and asked "Do you want some salad?" He stayed for hours, posed for pictures, talked with the residents, and shared his own personal experiences. Never did he think he was better than anyone else; just the opposite, he said, I'm just another guy like you; we all fall down and we all can pick ourselves up.' 

I will leave you with those powerful words. May he rest in peace.


  1. Mary I am so excited for your retirement! I can't wait. And thank you so much for posting that story about James Gandolfini. These stories give me great hope.

  2. This is the nicest thing I have read, about this actor, who died so young.

  3. What a wonderful story about James Gandolfini. A great actor and a great man -- what a loss he is.

  4. 14 days to go, hurray!
    Thank you for the nice post about James Gandolfini, so sad to die so young.

  5. 14, it won't be long now will it?
    Hopefully it will be super fast but you will absorb all that you hold dear. And speaking of dear, that was an awesome sharing of James Gandolfini. I had heard that he was big on volunteer service to the community and this just proves it.
    Have a good week ahead Sister! :)
    Abundant Blessings,

  6. WOW! It's "Count Down" time! :0)
    Hope it passes by quickly m/f.

  7. What a lovely testament to him. I love that he didn't want to be treated like a star - just to help out. Bless him.

    I am SO excited about your impending retirement. You deserve to have your feet up!

  8. Fantastic story! It is amazing how many people his passing affected - even those who did not know him. He still touched alot of people.

    I am counting down with you, so exciting for you!