Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring Song

I discovered the most magnificent poet and wanted to share one of my favorites with you.

I am the Vision and the Dream
    Of trembling Age, and yearning Youth;
    I am the Sorceress Supreme.
    I am Illusion; I am Truth.

    I am the Queen to whom belongs
    The royal right great gifts to give;
    I am the Singer of the Songs
    That lure men on to live and live.

    There is no music like to mine;
    I sing in green, and gold and red;
    I pour from secret casks the wine
    That cheers the cold hearts of the dead.

    My harp it has a thousand tones,
    And makes the world with joy a-flood;
    The old men feel it in their bones,
    And life leaps laughing in their blood.

    The sourest mortal all in vain
    Shall try from me to keep apart;
    I have no commerce with his brain,
    I storm the fortress of his heart.

    I am the Soul of things to come;
    I make a lover from a log;
    I make a poet of the dumb;
    I make a seraph of a frog.

    The lover with a wrecked romance,
    The gambler by misfortune struck,
    I bring to them another chance-
    New life, new times, new love, new luck.

    My names are all the names impearled
    In all the songs my singers sing;
    I am the sweetheart of the world,
    I am Carissima-the Spring!

Victor James Daley

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

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  1. Wondering how you "get" all the lovely things, you share with us... I mean, are they on a net site and you copy-and-paste them, into your blog? Just wondering.

    When I do that copy-and-paste, sometimes the size of the font gets too big or something.......