Monday, November 5, 2012

The Best Cure

The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy,
brooding, is to go deliberately forth and try to
lift with one's sympathy the gloom of somebody else.

Arnold Bennett

Monday, and it is time to return to work. I can't believe I am up this early, but everything is moving so slowly around here.  I think it will be a good thing for me. I'm not even watching the newscasts anymore; in fact, I spent this weekend watching Christmas movies on Hallmark. But I have fallen into quite a funk, a profound sadness, feeling lost within myself, that I am finding hard to shake. I have been struggling to shake this feeling of being lost, empty, fatigued, restless, and sad which permeates my entire being.  I hurt everywhere. It's one of the worst feelings that I know.  

There are times when all of us feel lost and alone, but it can be especially hard on those of us who are empaths when there is a natural disaster or some other tragic event that affects our planets. I is very hard for us to handle, very hard.

The stress of taking in the emotions of other people, of sensing information on a continual basis, of being a "human sponge", of being driven by deep inner forces that are not understood, all create a "torture chamber" of sorts within the average Empath. This does not have to be as melodramatic as I make it sound, but please understand - it frequently is for the subject. 

From the 'Book of Storms' by Jadoa Tai Alexander" which you can find free

Perhaps it is business of returning to work that I need. I have too much solitude here, too much time on my hands. Being with others, helping others is what I need right now.  I have to take an active part in things.  I am sure I have clients who have been quite traumatized, and I need to be there to help them through this. Some have wondered why, as an empath, I chose a career that put me on the front lines, why I would chose a job where I would be exposed to other people's pain on a daily basis.  It's because it is what I 'chose' to do, a path I have followed in other lifetimes when I was a priest in one lifetime and an astrologer in another...both helping professions.

So, the power is back at work, and I am actually looking forward to having a 'reason' to go out.  My only concern is getting there and back.  My train, the 'N' was one of the hardest hit and is still not up in running so traveling is going to be a bit difficult.  I have a choice between taking a bus and two trains or taking a bus to an express bus  which will take me to the city.  The second route may be the easiest, but the longest and most expensive. But, who am I to complain?  Others are wondering where they are going to sleep tonight.


  1. Wishing you well, on this first day back to work. On all aspects of it!

    Wondering, is there any way (in reality) for an empath to learn to shield themselves, at times? I'm reading a fun book, in which someone is learning. But, as I said, it's a fun-witch-y book.

    Seems there has to be some form of shielding, one can do. Times like these, certainly call for it. To insure your survival, as it were. To insure some peace for you, certainly...

    Gentle hugs,

  2. I hope your trip in to work is not too difficult! It will be good to keep busy.

  3. Forgot to say, pretty new blog look.

    Please take a min. to update your blog, when you have gotten safely to work. I'm worried about you, with the unsure travel in the City.

    So I'll keep checking back here. And know you will tell us, when you can.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. I totally understand your concern as an empath for going back to work where so much trauma has happened. There's a Buddhist prayer I keep saying when I know I'm going to be dealing with sadness. You first say it about yourself and then you apply it to others. This is it:

    May I be free from physical danger
    May I have physical well being.
    May I have emotional peace of mind
    May I be happy.

    I've found it keeps me to be compassionate without spilling myself all over certain situations. Follow your instinct with what's going to be the best way to and from home and stay safe.

  5. Hope the trip to work and back will be easier than you think. Good luck! Keep your chin up and hold on to lots of positive thoughts.

  6. Hoping this finds you feeling a bit better after getting out and about today. Work does tend to keep the mind on task, mine has a tendency to wander too! Being an empath is a wondrous and difficult thing to be. There are some days (I work in a hospital) when I travel up the elevator with some patients, and when the door opens for them to leave, waves of sadness and empathy just wash over me. I totally get where you are coming from. Be well, stay strong!