Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Trip to the Store

Just a quick note to let you all know I ventured out today and am safely home.  I thought this would be helpful for me, but instead I returned home more melancholy than before.  My city looks like a war zone, especially at the gas stations.  Even the bus driver said to me, "I never thought I would live to see my city like this." I took the following pictures with my cell phone. Click to enlarge. These photos  don't even begin to tell the tale.

Notice the fire truck in the background.  They pulled up in front and several fire fighters jumped out with yellow gas cans to be filled.  No one is immune to this.  Even our first responders.

Across the street are the gas lines. Notice the people milling about with orange cans waiting to have them filled.

Note:  The gas lines stretch stretch for five blocks down.  Roads are blocked off and police officers guarding. Took me almost two hours to make it home on what is usually a 30 minute trip. Tempers are flaring, even on the bus where a man tried to maneuver a free ride. There are also a number of power lines and trees down, but was unable to capture a photo while riding on the bus. 

Lots of people out shopping for hurricane victims.  While waiting in line, I overheard two ladies who were loaded up with towels, blankets, and pillows.  They were talking about the churches and shelters they were working from.  Made me feel really guilty because I was there buying nightgowns for myself.  So, when I overheard one ask the other where she could find soap, toothpaste, and the lot very cheap, she was told to go to the 99 cent store down the block.  I apologized for listening to their conversation, but offered to walk down to the store with the lady.  You can't just hand a stranger money nowadays, so at the store I chipped in $25 toward the bill.  I also gave my son another $25, candles, and batteries for his neighbors who are still without power. Not much, but at least I was able to do a little something. 

My son will be going back to his place this afternoon, and even though it was just for a short time, I am already beginning to feel the 'empty nest syndrome.'  Will talk to you all on Monday 


  1. Dispiriting I know for you to see the aftermath. Glad you were able to help the church volunteers. Every little bit helps.

  2. But look how it's bringing people together to help -- a pagan and a church lady both working to alleviate others' difficulties!

  3. My heart absolutely breaks for all those on the east coast. Such a sad, sad experience. Good for you for chipping in towards supplies for those in need. We have donated to the Red Cross. Keep safe and be well.

  4. Such a sad, sad state the east coast is in. My heart goes out to all those. Kudos to you for chipping in for those in need. Keep safe and be well.

  5. I so feel for your great city and all the others affected by this. I like what Debra said,it is so true.Try and not let this take over your soul. I survived a tornado and it was gut wrenching so I understand your sadness on seeing all the wreckage. Yes every little bit helps..Head Up and Heart forward...

  6. Thank you for the update...

    Glad you got your nighties. And wonderful of you, to help with buying the necessities for the needy.

    Your cell phone is *meant* to take pics, out side, hu?!?! :-) I mean, these out doors pictures are so bright and sharp. I wouldn't even know they were taken with a cell phone!

    Oh my Dear, you are getting "empty nest syndrome"! After this. I can't imagine it. I thought that before now, your apartment would have gotten very, very, very *crowded.* Really not much space, for 3 adults. Plus the emotional *crowding,* when we are used to our Own Space.

    Please think of it this way, a bit. That you all, really need your own "space" back, after the emergency. Perhaps it will help...

    So glad that marathon is off!!! All of NYC needs all the services it can get, focused on helping the needy and getting the city running again.

    Please continue to keep us updated, on how things are, with YOU.

    Gentle hugs,


  7. I'm so glad you made it home with nighties. It's so important to have rituals and things that make us feel safe when trauma happens, although I've never even begun to experience what you have over there. And good karma for helping others, Mary even though I know that wasn't your intention. You were just being kind and very helpful. I pray for all the people who are still struggling from the wrath of Sandy.