Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day has many meanings. It is harvest day, a day for us to show gratitude for the bounties of the earth. It is also a day for family reunions as well as a national holiday.   The true meaning of Thanksgiving is evident when we look thoughtfully at the word itself.  It is a day for giving thanks and reflecting on our blessings.

Signing off until Monday. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends! May you all be surrounded by your loved ones and may peace, love and joy fill your heart.

    God of the harvest, once again
     Our joyful tones we raise,
    For all Thy goodness, day by day,
     We give Thee thankful praise.

    With blessings rich, from fertile field,
     And gifts from fruitful tree,
    We wish, this day, our thanks to yield
     With earnest hearts, to Thee.

    We plough'd the ground, we sow'd the seed,
     But Thou didst send the rain
    In grateful show'rs, in time of need,
     And now we've reap'd the grain.

    The sun with grateful heat did shine;
     The dew did nightly fall;
    And now, for loaded tree and vine - 
     We give Thee thanks for all.

    The bee, in well-fill'd honey cells,
     Her sweets for us hath stow'd,
    The crystal water in the wells,
     For us from springs hath flow'd.

    The lowing herd, the prancing steed
     Receiv'd we from Thy hand,
    And we, this day, return our meed
     Of praise, throughout the land.

    Then let us sing with earnest hearts,
     Tho' joyful be each lay,
    And thankful ev'ry song that starts
     On this Thanksgiving Day.

  By Thomas Frederick Young


  1. Have a wonderful holiday!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Mary with love from Robin! Hugs.

  2. May your Thanksgiving be delicious and full of love, Mary.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday my Sister/Friend! :)
    Much Love to You!

  4. Many Thanksgiving blessings to you, Mary and to your husband and family too.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving you and your lovely family.



  6. Enjoy your weekend...

    Gentle hugs,