Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to Work

There is no real wealth but the labor of people. Were the mountains
of gold and silver, the world would not be one grain of corn the richer;
no one comfort would be added to the human race.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Well, it's back to work today, and the first day that I will have a leisurely commute, not that any commute here in the city is leisurely. What I mean is that I will know longer have to spend time mapping routes and running here and there just trying to make it to work which is good because today is a rainy day here in the city. Transit is back to normal. I do realize that, on snowy days, I will probably need to change my route if last week's storm was a preview. I thought the old neighborhood was bad, but as I stood out there on the day of the nor'easter and looked down the block, it was obvious that this one will be worse. People no longer seem to shovel, at least not before the hours that I have to leave for work. 

Hubby spent yesterday helping his sister in Far Rockaway. He said it is like a war zone over there, totally destroyed. Everyone's furniture is by the curb, police are on constant parole, and one must wear a mask, the fumes are so bad. Everyone, including homeowners, are ordered out at 5 pm. My sister-in-law is devastated. She has lost so much. She's lived there now for almost 40 years and suffered through floods before, but nothing compared to this one. Now, she plans on fixing the house up and selling it, but worries about who would want to buy.

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving next week? My goodness, it's bearing down on us so quickly that I almost missed it. Thanks to a post over at October Farms "Thinking About Thanksgiving" I remembered it in time. This is my last paycheck before the holiday which means my last food shopping day so I bought a lot of the trimmings. This year I have that fantastic fruit stand down the block so we'll be having a lot of fresh veggies on the Thanksgiving table this year. It's such a pleasure living here. I have so much available to me that I didn't have at the old house.

This weekend I did back down on my word. Ended up making a big pot of chicken stew. This time I made a few switches of veggies and added some cilantro. Sure came out good. I also made some chili, some low sodium curry chicken, pork chops, a low sodium meat loaf, and a chicken cacciatori. That's my food for the next two weeks. Hubby has his own, normal menu.

I have been doing lots and lots of reading. Finished "The Path of the Christian Witch" and am now almost finished with "Invoking Mary Magdalene" by Siobhan Houston. Excellent book and highly recommended. Not sure what my next book will be but I am currently leaning towards "Christo-paganism". Now, there is so much more to these changes in my thought patterns than just reading a few books.  Although I didn't realize it, I have been drawn to this for awhile now; in fact, every since I moved here. There is a huge church across from the bus stop several blocks down from me called the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

There is a sign there which reads "Behold your Mother", and although I am not a Catholic, She has been calling me, not so much to enter the church, but more to reconcile two seemingly opposite belief systems. There is a beauty in both Christianity and the teachings of Jesus and Paganism and it's love of the Earth. Perhaps now, as I enter my golden years, it is time for me to find a way to reconcile the two.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. 


  1. Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you. So sorry about your sister in law and her family and everyone who has suffered from this terrible storm.

    I grew up Catholic and from a young child I did not buy into much of it - but Mary was a different story. She was "the mother" I did not have.

    I believe that there are energies out there and we have called them gods. Everyone/every culture/path has their own names for these gods, and while I don't think all gods are one, I do think that we may all be connecting to the particular god but using our own name for him/her.

    I believe in an enormous universal spiritual energy and that we all carry a piece of that - and that other entities we call gods have even more of that energy.

    I also think that Mary, this goddess that is honored and revered by so very many people all around the world is special because not only does she have the universal creator energy but she is fueled by all the energy of all of her devotees.

    And even though the catholics call her the Blessed Mother, Blessed Virgin you can find her in many other religions. She has many names. I am not christian and I am not Catholic but I still light candles to Mary. It is the only thing I held on tightly to as I headed off on the pagan path. She is one of my people. She is one of the old ones.

    Do you think that the Christian Witches are simply Witches who embrace this idea about the gods?

  2. Good morning Mary....just wanted to check in and see how you are. Glad things are somewhat back to normal for you. I'm sorry to read about your husband's sister....she must be in total shock...hopefully things will get sorted out for her.

    About the religion thing....I understand where you are coming from. I was raised a Baptist...but in my adult life have cobbled together my own form of spirituality....some Buddhism, some Pagan, some Christianity....seems to work for me...although I am still haunted by that strict fundamentalist teaching I was taught as a child.

    Have a wonderful next few days sweet lady,


  3. Glad your commute is easier! Terrible about Far Rockaway, was reading in this morning's paper about it...shocking that so little is being done to help these people! I don't understand. Hope your family there gets things fixed soon.
    I have done little to no studying on Christian Paganism, so cannot really comment. Just that you find a path that works for you.

  4. I've always the quote by Kahlil Gibran, "many lanterns, one light..." Really all of the gods/goddesses have the same message for us which is love (well, there are a few exceptions) and Mary seems to be the best of both worlds. Sending your Sister in law lots of blessings and may Marry watch over her.

  5. Sorry to hear about the devastation in your sister-in-law's neighborhood. I am hoping the hurricane victims will receive all of the help that can be sent their way.Soon.

    For many years now, I have been drawn to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The first time I saw an image of her, I was instantly drawn in. I'm not Catholic, but I feel a resonance with her. I often find myself painting her image. Last spring I saw a Lady of Guadalupe garden statue for sale, it is now in my rose bed. When I create paintings of her it has a very calming and centering affect on me. Isn't it interesting how people are drawn to various religious images?

  6. Enjoyed my visit with you today....so much that I'll be back. ;0) (((hugs)))Pat

  7. I wish you well, with reconciling them.

    Sorry for your sister in law. But also sorry that your husband (who isn't fully well himself) has to expose himself to those conditions.