Friday, November 9, 2012


The time to relax is when
you don’t have the time for it.

Sydney J. Harris

Wow, the weekend has finally arrived and none to soon for me. It's been a hectic week, struggling to get back and forth to work, but I made it, and tired as I was, I just kept trudging onward. What else can one do? I have no control over the situation and can only hope it is resolved soon. 

Needless to say, this is a three day weekend for me--Veteran's Day. I love these three-day weekends, especially when the fall on a cooking weekend. That way, tomorrow I can shop and cook and still have two days of rest. 

Speaking of cooking, I have no idea what I want to cook for myself to tide me over the next two weeks. For the past month I've focused on stews, both chicken and beef, because I can cook up a large batch and freeze in serving size containers...and great tasting as well. But to be honest, I'm stewed out at this point. I've still not mastered a decent low sodium or sodium free meat sauce and don't think I ever will. Italian food 'needs' sodium for taste. I have learned to make a mean low sodium chili and this last batch was fantastic. But one cannot live on chili alone. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

New York is a city of districts--garment district, diamond district, garden district, etc.  In these districts one finds blocks of stores all related to whatever district they are found in.  For example, in the diamond district, one finds block after block of jewelry stores and pawn shops.  I happen to work in the flower district, and in the summer sidewalks are lined with flowers and plants of all kinds.  It's a beautiful sight to see...and the scents are marvelous.  Yesterday they were bringing in the live pine trees.  Not your Christmas tree per se, but small pine trees ready to be transplanted. The scent reminded me of Christmas and how fast it is approaching. Before we know it, it will be come and gone.  This year I am going to try my darnedest to catch up with it and not let it pass me by so quickly. I want to savor every moment.

Well, not much time left to relax before work so I'll sign of for now. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with love, lots of fun, and peace.  See you on Monday.

Wise people know what time it is in their own lives and in the life of the
community. They know that sensing the kairos (the prepared or ripe moment)
is more important than conforming to the compulsive rhythm of chronological
time. Thus, wise people are able to give themselves gracefully to seemingly contradictory experiences because they know that they belong to different seasons
of life, all of which are necessary to the whole. Spring and winter, growth and
decay, creativity and fallowness, health and sickness, power and impotence,
and life and death all belong within the economy of being.

Sam Keen


  1. I have been enjoying the fall gourds - especially acorn squash cut in half and baked. I don't eat much meat. I find that roasted vegetables are much richer and tastier and don't require salt, so now I put them in the over instead of sauteing or boiling them. Pasta sauce with a lot of fresh basil is very tasty - maybe you could make it fresh - from chopped fresh tomatoes?

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend! Sunday is a holiday for me too! Yay!

  2. Pop by my blog, Mary -- there's a surprise for you there! Have a great long weekend. I know I'm looking forward to mine!

  3. It is hard finding recipes that last through the week. Have you tried to locate a slow cooker book? I bet you can find some good recipes and then adjust them to your dietary needs. Stay safe and warm this weekend and enjoy your day off.

  4. Mary...I love sauteeing some garlic and onion in olive oil and then browning up some chicken breasts in that...letting them cook for a bit and then I add tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms and a few new potatoes to it...much like a cacciatore. I just cook till everything is tender. The leftovers make great lunches if you make enough of it, or a quick supper too. Make a vegetarian chili, or a vegetarian soup from scratch, putting in the flavors you love. I too love root veges and use them as much as possible in the cold months of the year. You could try a good celery soup, or mushroom and wild rice...the possibilies are endless. Sometimes I just pull up different recipe sites and get ideas from them. It's fun! There are plenty of cooking and recipe sharing sites right here on blogger.
    Anywho...have a great three day weekend Sister Soul!
    Love Ya!

  5. Lovely quotes, both...

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

    Good luck with the recipe list. Sorry you are stewed-out. 'Cause they are so handy, in cooler weather.

    Wondering if you ever used a crock pot? It would be all-done-ahead-of-time. But it would be fixed-early and ready when you got home. Just wondering...