Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Farewell Beautiful Bird

Like a bird in flight, your life can soar
above the troubles of the world.
Breathe deep, choose, and break the shackles of your past.

 Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Yesterday when I checked out the Decorah Eagles site I was disheartened to learn that another of last year's babes had died.  D14 was the youngest and died just as his older brother, electrocuted after landing or trying to land on a power pole. I remember back just a few short months ago when many of us were concerned because while his siblings had left the nest, D14 didn't seem to have any intention of ever leaving the nest. We worried that perhaps something was wrong with him, but, eventually he took that big step, and now he is all too soon gone. His feathers and other parts will be distributed for use in Native American religious ceremonies while he and his sibling fly with the Angels. 

The following is an interesting link about a group working closely with their local power company to make the world a safer place for these magnificent birds. Bird Safe Power Poles

I also remember sitting there in shock several months back when one moment I was watching two of the cutest little hummingbird babes sitting in their next and the next moment they were gone, just like that.  A crow had carried them off. Devastating as it was, that is a part of nature, but this was totally preventable. Please get involved with encouraging utility companies in your area to modify poles and make them a safer place for our wildlife. 

The dome of heaven is thy house
Bird of the mighty wing,
The silver stars are as thy boughs
Around thee circling.
Thy perch is on the eaves of heaven
Thy white throne all the skies
Thou art like lightning driven
Flashing over paradise!

Edwin Curran


  1. This is heartbreaking. Humans are this planet's worst enemy.

  2. My heart always hurts whenever an animal gets hurt or killed. You are right, it is part of the cycle but it still is sad.

  3. I volunteer at a raptor facility and know how devastating it is to lose a bird to something like a wind turbine or a power line. Especially eagles. There just isn't enough education out there YET to help save some raptors. I do believe that we are making some strides.