Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will This Be Us One Day?

The planet earth has a life span of eight billion years, give or take a few million.
People have been around for approximately forty thousand years--a virtual
blink in the cosmos. It is sad that we as a species are ravaging the natural 
world so fast that we are jeopardizing our survival. If we wipe ourselves out,
it would be the height of folly, but the earth will survive even us. It will eventually
restore itself. It might take a few thousand years, and it won't be just
as it was before, but its life is stronger than death.

Charlotte Davis Kasl

Yesterday a co-worker and I were watching the latest pictures of Mars on the computer, and I thought, "How special is this. Here we were, sitting in an office watching pictures of a planet that is located 35 million miles from us, at the closest point in its orbit, and it was like someone had filmed a dessert on our Earth." The pictures were magnificent. Yet, as I stood there watching in awe, I couldn't help but wonder if we were being given a prophetic glimpse at the future of our great Mother Earth. Is this where we are heading?

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster
its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.

Wendell Berry

Personally, I believe the Mars once was once a thriving planet,  teeming with life; in fact, much like our Earth. That is, until its inhabitants destroyed it just as we are in the process of destroying our own beautiful planet right now. Greenhouse gases. Polluted waters. Overpollution. As a people, we throw tons of garbage away every year without even thinking of recycling. We destroy natural habitats in our quest for fuel to heat our homes and drive our cars. We chop down trees and destroy forests for paper and building. As a result, animals are going extinct, and once they are extinct, they will be gone forever.  

Could it be that by allowing the Curiosity to land and take these pictures at this precise time is the Universe's way of reaching out to us?  Is she showing us what is to come if we don't learn to live within our limits? The truth is, if we don't stop all this madness and start thinking about tomorrow, there will be no tomorrow. We have an obligation to our future generations to come. As it stands now, what future will they have. Our Earth is definitely getting warmer and our desserts bigger. We are becoming the planet Mars. Are we just going to sit here and watch it happen?  Or are we going to do something about it while we still have a chance?


  1. I so agree with your thoughts and views on this Mary. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. Let's hope people take it seriously. What are the limits of greed for money and power?

  3. I try my very best Mary...and cry over Our Beloved Planet all of the time. Just last night I was watching a program on PBS...the Orangutan Diary and my heart was just breaking.
    The Orangutan is an endangered specie and great strides and steps are in place to move them from their homeland forests to a secure and safe environment. Palm Oil forestry is taking out and polluting the forsest they now live in. They showed one Mother and her Baby who'd been rescued that broke my heart wide open...when they got her to the medical facility to check her out she fell out of the cage from dehydration, malnutrition and a host of other things, with her babe hanging on for dear life and the babe was ill too. They were brought back to healthy levels and then released back into the safe place and my heart cried out in joy. What we seem to forget is that when we lose one specie we create an open hole in the web. All parts of the web are equally important as they serve a part of the whole. I pray we can undo the bells we've rung before it is too late.
    I love you,

  4. I love the picture of Mars...

    what a stunning picture.

    Mary, I just try to concentrate on whatever
    good things I find. I try to be grateful.
    I have pretty much tuned out all the bad
    stuff happening on this planet.

    I do not watch the news anymore because
    all the death and insanity affects me in
    a negative way. I don't want to keep
    feeding my brain with with all that negativity
    and fear.

    Wishing you a wonderful day Mary.
    I enjoy reading your blogs and I am grateful
    for your friendship.

    love and hugs Sharon

  5. I would like to emulate "One Conscious Dreamer's" views... As much as possible.

    Trying to flow... Trying to do what is possible... Trying to concentrate on what is uplifting... Trying to "let hope float."

    I'm too old to make much difference now. And I do not choose to invade my peace of mind now, with concentrating on all the "bads" of the world. I know they are there. Try not to add to them, more than necessary.

    You and I are HOT. We still use A/C, even though it is adding to greenhouse gasses... The conundrum...

    See how hard it is?

    Gentle hugs,