Friday, August 31, 2012


We cannot separate our lives from time. Why is it that we are so extravagant,
so thoughtless, in our waste of time, especially in youth, when we cling
so tenaciously to life? You cannot separate a wasted hour from the same duration
of your life. If you waste your time, you must waste your life. If you improve
your time, you cannot help improving your life.

Orison Swett Marden

Yippee! It's the Friday of a long weekend. Saturday will be a cooking day for me, but I am sure going to take advantage of Sunday and Monday. These three-day weekends are few and far between. The temperature is rising up into the 90's tomorrow, but that doesn't stop me from having fall fever.  Halloween and the autumnal equinox have my full attention right now, so don't be surprised if you see some early posts about either.  

You might as well say that this  year will be all new for me.  I've never been what you would call 'a healthy eater', but now, with my health issues, fruits and vegetables have become an important part of my diet. I ate so many cherries this summer that I thought they'd be coming out of my ears, and from what I have heard from those who have been loyal cherry eaters throughout the years, they were especially good this year.  But now, I've had my fill of the harvest of summer and am looking forward to sampling the fall harvest. 

Wishing you all a weekend filled with love, laughter, good weather, and lots and lots of fun. See you Monday


  1. Time for apples and pumpkins and baked squash, etc. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Yes, bring on the squashes!

    Happy weekend, Mary!

  3. Yay for long weekends! Enjoy yourself!

  4. I can't wait for the Fall to be here. Have a blessed Blue Moon and enjoy your days off.

  5. Wishing you all the best Mary. Enjoy your long weekend. (((hugs)))Pat

  6. Love your Autumnal decor! We're just into Spring here.

  7. Happy weekend Mary, It has been in the 90's here as well. Too hot for us, Mary. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures myself because I have not cooked a lot this summer I will tell you. Even with 2 air conditioners on, putting the oven on heats the apartment up so fast.

    I have started decorating for Autumn, made some new fall wreathes and floral arrangements and purchased some new autumn scented candles. I love anything that smells like cinnamon.

    I want to get into making candles but cannot find the supplies anywhere near me. So, I would
    have to pay to ship them. Have you ever made candles Mary ?

    Happy Weekend to you Mary, enjoy your 3 day
    weekend, I of course have to work once again.



    hugs and love Sharon