Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dawn on the Headland

Dawn - and a magical stillness: on earth, quiescence profound;
On the waters a vast Content, as of hunger appeased and stayed;
In the heavens a silence that seems not mere privation of sound,
But a thing with form and body, a thing to be touched and weighed!
Yet I know that I dwell in the midst of the roar of the cosmic wheel,
In the hot collision of Forces, and clangor of boundless Strife,
Mid the sound of the speed of the worlds, the rushing worlds, and the peal
Of the thunder of Life.

William Watson

Lately  it has been dark when I rise on my early days to work.  Sure sign that fall is on its way. No longer do I have the luxury of stepping out into my backyard and enjoying the sunrise as I sip a steaming mug of hot coffee, but it is just as much fun sitting at my window in the darkness, looking into my courtyard and watching as the sun rises over the buildings. The windows in all of the other apartments are dark, quiet, with no signs of movement, and sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who must get up and leave the coziness of my bed to go to work.  

Solitude.  I imagine that I am alone in the world as I watch as the first golden rays of the new day's sun appear.  A new day is just beginning, and I wonder what it will bring. Will the day be quiet, without incident?  Or will be one of those days when nothing seems to go right?  And I begin to think of the things that I have to accomplish for the day, and I will go about getting it all done...and suddenly, a shrill cry startles me, and I am shocks me back to the world of reality.  Miss Minga has risen and wants to eat.  

Of course, on rainy days my mornings are slightly different.  I do sit in the darkness and watch the rain as it falls, but my thoughts are not the same.  Instead of making my daily plans, I sit there thinking, "Should I or shouldn't I?"  There is just something about leaving the comfort of one's home and stepping out into the rain.  

How do you spend your morning hours?


  1. You have a lovely way of spending your morning hours. And I am so glad that you have learned to enjoy them, in your new home, too.

    Here, I make coffee for him, to turn on when he gets up later... Make my decaf... Do the little usual things like unloading top of dishwasher... He unloads the bottom, so I don't have to bend over. :-) Little things I do around the kitchen, each morning.

    And now, that it's darker, I put on an ambiance lamp in the hearth room. Nearly forgot that.

    But I soon head for my computer in the den, and enjoy blogging and my decaf.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. quietly ...i love early mornings before the world wakes up.

  3. I am usually at work so around 0500 just before the morning rounds I slip up to the roof garden
    to watch the beginnings just before sunrise.

    Lately I see Venus rising in the east always a beautiful sight. I never want to leave to watch the red and gold sun excoriate the skies.

    But duty calls and I always follow.

    hugs Sharon

  4. Sleep claims me until the last hour before I head off into the day. Usually my two kitties will wake me up for food and then I go onto the computer to read my friend's blogs. I do love the stillness of dawn though and eventually I'll be up earlier (I think) pondering on day to come.

  5. I love the early morning too. Coffee, newspaper, watching the birds at the feeders, enjoying the companionship of my dogs. Then a second cup of coffee with the blogs. And then my day really begins.

  6. ;0) You don't want to know...............