Friday, August 17, 2012


Rather than fitting one's life into the demands of external conformity,
rather than living one's life as an imitation of the life of another, one
should look to find the authentic self within. One should labor to
develop one's own unique style in crafting one's soul. An individual
who denies his or her own individuality articulates life with a voice
other than that which is uniquely his or her own. One who suppresses
one's own self is in danger of missing the point of one's own existence,
of surrendering what being human means.

Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin

Wow, the weekend is here again. So fast...and so welcomed. This is a pay week for me so you know what that means. It's also a cooking weekend. Will be up early tomorrow morn and out to the store. This low sodium diet, and the medications, are really working. Yesterday I had the nurse take my BP, and it was 140 over 84, a great drop from the last time. Doesn't mean I am going to let up on things though. It's still high with a ways to go to be normal. But, even when it does hit normal, there is no way I will go back to the uncontrollable eating that got me in this shape to begin with.

Today I feel good about myself and the positive changes I have made in my life. There will be no going back.

Sunday, I'm still not sure what I am going to do.  I know I am getting antsy about making some Autumnal changes on my blog, but somehow, with the weather as warm as it is, it doesn't seem right.  I know I will definitely do some reading.  Bought a great book for my Kindle called "The Witch's Goddes:The Feminine Principle of Divinity" by Janet and Stewart Farrar. Fantastic book about the feminine principle in women. A nice cozy bath also sounds great, some scented candles, and just some comfy lounging about in my favorite chair. My son won't be coming down this weekend, so Sunday is all mine.  Much as I love him, we all need time to ourselves to recoup and rest.

May you all have a weekend filled with great joy and happiness.


  1. So glad you will get a day to rest. You've had a stressful week! I'm hoping to get some down time today as it is my "weekend" but I've managed to over schedule it as usual!

  2. Hooray for seeing real progress! In your quest for health! It's so good and so empowering and so helpful to our continuity in our quest and .... Well, just plain good for us. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Oh and as to changing your blog look ~~ Do this, when it feels right to you. Just Flow with your own feelings. After all, where can we more easily go-with-our-own-flow, than on/in our own blogs?!?

    Another wonderful perk, of blogging. :-))))

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Wishing you a "Calgon take me away" weekend m/f.

  4. Have a wonderful weekend, Mary. That book sounds like a very good read! Congrats on seeing results of your life changes!! Good for you!

  5. Yes, you Should feel good about the positive steps you have taken to improve your health.
    140/84 is a good B/P for someone your age.

    hoorah !!!
    and if you keep working on this, it will drop even more.

    You already see a difference.

    That sound like a fabulous book Mary. I hope you share some it with us.

    I love scented candles and bubble bath...

    this is one of my favourite de-stressers.

    soft music, scented candles wafting the air, and me relaxing in scented bath oil and bubbles up to me chin. All the scents and the warm water melt all my troubles away.

    Another thing I do for exercise is walking...

    but we both know I did not do much of that this summer...too darn hot.

    Lets look forward to Autumn and nice long walks in the park and maybe some more farmers markets
    with lots of fresh produce.


    hugs and blessings

  6. Congrats. for the changes you've made. It's never easy to overhaul one's life and you're doing great. And perfect way to treat and honor yourself with your plans for Sunday. Rest up and rejuvenate!

  7. Good morning Mary.....your progress is just GREAT!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy that bath.