Friday, August 10, 2012


How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged
cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?

Paul Sweeney

I love the above quote because it is oh so true. How can we expect our young to learn if we are always taking the easy way out? I remember when I was a teenager and got my first camera, a little 'Brownie'.   Oh, what an endless wait is was for those pictures to be developed and how amazingly good it felt when I finally held them in my hands and looked at them. Today's youth miss out on that feeling. Perhaps that is why time seems to move so swiftly now?  Is it because everything is right there?

Well, it's Friday, and after today's test, I am home free. I've nothing much planned aside from a visit to the fruit stand.  Perhaps I will be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep.  Lately, I've been suffering from an attack of tickles in my throat which actually wakes me from a sound sleep.  Hopefully, they will abate, and I will finally be able to get some quality rest.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with joy and love.


  1. Enjoy your weekend, Mary, and I hope you score big at the fruit stand!

  2. Oh those darn throat tickles!!! I've found that adding some moisture to the air in my apartment really helps Mary. When you use the A.C. it depletes any moisture in the air and the end result is throat tickles? the evening I put a small pan of water on the stove and let it softly simmer so the steam releases into the air and it really helps.
    Wish I was walking along to the fruit and vege stands with you...that'd be so welcoming!
    Enjoy your weekend Sister Love and know that I'm thinkin' of ya all of the time. :)
    Radiant Blessings to You and Yours!

  3. Please do have a lovely and relaxing and peaceful and calm weekend.

    As for the throat tickles at night, I always use Halls Honey Lemon Cough Drops. I kid that we should buy stock in the company which makes them! But I keep needing them at times, so I keep buying them.

    Ahhhhhh yes, our Instant Society. Which goes along with our Want-It-NOW-Society. And with our Multi-Task-All-The-Time-Society. And our Can't-Stop-Long-Enough-For-A-Relaxed-Conversation-Society. Yish!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  4. May you have sweet joys that come from patience and restful sleep.

  5. Have a restful weekend after your hectic week. Some rocking chair time is definitely in order.

  6. Enjoyed my visit today with you Mary. Have a wonderful weekend m/f. (((hugs)))Pat

  7. I used to have a Brownie camera as well Mary.
    Try and find a place to by film for an ordinary camera now adays !

    You made it through Mary.
    who hoo!

    Happy weekend to you.