Saturday, August 28, 2010

Autumn Dreams

"Autumn arrives in the early morning,
but spring at the close of a winter day."

  --Elizabeth Bowen--

They say it will be heading up into the 90's throughout the following week, but I can deal with it because Autumn is now on its way; the signs are there...The days are growing shorter as the light gradually gives way to the darkness;....and those cold, crisp nights when the air has a special chill to it.  Autumn, beautiful, beautiful autumn....some of us call it fall, a name which is believed to have originated  because it is the time of the year that the leaves fall to the ground, but actually it is called 'fall' because this is the season when the sun falls below the equator....only to 'spring' back six months later.  

This is such a wonderful time of the year.  I've always loved this season with its days of delightful color and myriad of changes. Remember when we were children?

...the first day of school, new outfit, new crayons, pencils, book bags, new apple freshly picked from the tree for the friends and old friends back in our lives again....

...the land abounds with a glorious spectrum of shades of crimson, orange, golds, and yellows...mottled leaves with several colors in transition....

 ...raking and gleefully jumping into mountains of leaves...gathering together to watch the blazing piles...the scent of the burning leaves...the smoke....laughter...

...the bounty of the earth is harvested...pickling, canning, drying...nibbling while you work...pumpkins, Indian corn...and apples picked from the tree...lots and lots of red juicy apples...cornucopia...

...the hazy, cloudless skies of Indian Summer...the last warmth of the summer....but don't go near the water....

We may be older now, but we can still enjoy the trees and the crisp, crunchy leaves around us...we can savor the brisk morning air and relish the healthy redness on our cheeks.  It'll soon be time for the cozy sweaters, the hats...the gloves...winding down for the season of rest. Tis a beautiful season...indeed.  Autumn, beautiful autumn.

"I know the year is dying,
Soon the summer will be dead.
I can trace it in the flying
Of the black crows overhead;
I can hear it in the rustle
Of the dead leaves as I pass,
And the south wind's plaintive sighing
Through the dry and withered grass.

Ah, 'tis then I love to wander,
Wander idly and alone,
Listening to the solemn music
Of sweet nature's undertone;
Wrapt in thoughts I cannot utter,
Dreams my tongue cannot express,
Dreams that match the autumn's sadness
In their longing tenderness."
-  Mortimer Crane Brown, Autumn Dreams -


  1. Yowza! I like the blog makeover in autumnal colours! Autumn is definitely "on the wind" here today in Edmonton. I hope we get a long, long autumn this year so the snow will hold off as long as possible.

  2. I can smell the apple cider simmering in my pot already....aaaahhh. Love the new look on here as well.

  3. Love the new look. I'm looking forward to Autumn my favorite time of year.

  4. i love Autumn too, or Fall as it is also called here . But i have to admit i'm a winter girl...i can't wait for the first snow. But first things first i guess :)

  5. Mother Nature says more summer for us in MA.
    Going to be hot and humid tomorrow. :0(
    Fall will be a fresh breath of air.

    Looks like someone was busy....nice colors.:0)

  6. We have another week of 90 plus ahead of us with storms. So another hot and humid week. Looking forward to Autumn this year more than ever. Hope that you have an enjoyable weekend Mary. Your new layout looks nice!


  7. Love the new layout for your blog. I love this time of year.