Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shadow People

Good morning, everyone.  Well, the temperature has cooled down some, but the humidity is up high, but cool and refreshing air is finally pushing its way in.  No sun today, so we won't be seeing any shadows...or will we?

Picture this. You are sitting cozily in your very favorite chair, soft music on the radio, and a good book in your hand.  Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye; it darts out of your view when you turn to look straight at it.  Now it is gone.  Did you really see something?  Or is your imagination working overtime?

You shake  the image out of your head and assume that it must was some peculiar anomaly of your eyesight; however, you cannot shake the feeling that someone is watching you. It goes on for several nights, for weeks, and each time you dismissed  the fast dark movements in your peripheral vision, but then, one night when you are not expecting it, you see the shadow directly in front of you: face to face, blacker than black, darker than dark, almost  like a void that has punched a hole into the inky fabric of night itself.

Yesterday, someone in an Empath group I follow mentioned that Shadow People were always around her. She said it's becoming more and more frequent, and she was wondering why.  "Shadow People?" I exclaimed, "  So, who or what are "Shadow People?" You know me.  Whenever I hear of something new, I have to investigate.  Are they ghosts, visuals from another dimension, something from the realm of demons, or none of the above?  Well, after doing a bit of research, I have to tell you, I STILL don't know what they are.

Shadow people are shadowy, silhouettes of human forms seen mostly at night. They are not bound by walls or other physical obstacles. They are also known as "Dark Shadows" or "Shadow Ghosts" and are probably the most misunderstood entity known to man. Shadow is an indication of a spiritual condition, an absence of light or of truth.  Hence, the idea that Shadow People are actually disembodied humans have somehow become lost...or have chosen not to go forward in life's journey by refusing to go into the light after death. 

The shadow has long been associated with the mysterious aspect of the subconscious mind; it is archetype of a hidden and secretive area of human existence, our subconscious mind. Could these experiences be trying to tell us something important about ourselves, our environment and the times we live in?  In Jungian psychology,  the archetype of the shadow is said to deal with our primal survival instincts. It is the dark side of the ego, the evil that all men are capable of is under the right circumstances is stored there. .The shadow is the dark side of the person, characterized by inferior, uncivilized or animal qualities which the human ego wishes to hide from others. Are these beings simply trying to convey a message to our conscious selves?

One of the more creative theories is that these shadow beings are manifest thought forms, meaning that they are collections of negative psychic energy from areas where traumatic events have taken place.  The negative psychic energy begins to manifest and takes on form and motive, thriving on fear and negative emotions for sustenance.

Generally, they are harmless, but because we fear darkness, many people have come to believe that shadow people are evil, demonic; however, most are actually not negative in nature. Are they frightening?  Yes, they can be.  Are the dangerous?  I think not.  If they wanted to hurt us, they have had ample opportunity to do so.  They are simply lost and in need of guidance to understand their condition. 

So, the question remains unanswered, but I do have a couple of questions for you.  Have you ever seen the Shadow People? I know I have. I see them often.  I see them in the corner of my eye, and in a flash they are gone.  Personally, I believe they are harmless.  I like to think they are possibly from another dimension, and perhaps they are appearing more and more frequently because they are trying to warn us of something.  What do you think they are?

  • Ghosts?
  • Demons?
  • Creatures from another dimension?  From space?
  • Figment of our imagination?
  • Our shadow self?


  1. I don't know if I would say our ghost in my house would be considered a shadow person. But I have laid in bed and seen something go down my hallway past my door. I see it this way, I don't worry about him since he isn't harming me or my children.



  2. Funny you should post this as I just got done reading another blog regarding "shadow people". Yes, I get glimpses of them out of the corner of my eye and like you said, by the time I turn my head they are gone.

    Except for one time when we lived in another town. I had been in the laundry room switching out clothes and it was night time. The kitchen light was turned off as were the rest of the lights except for the overhead on the stove. As I walked around the corner I saw someone walk into the bathroom. I thought it to be either my brother of husband but when I got back to the living room they were both in the same positions as I left them. We didn't live in that house very long. I always felt negative energy there.

  3. I don't think I ever heard of Shadow People, but I'd love to know more.

    Now, I know I sometimes think I *see something* at the periphery of eye sight. But at my age, I put it to... age. ,-) Maybe not hu?

    Know what? Having a house cat is so good for such things. I mean, when one lives with a house cat, and one "hears or sees" things... Look at the cat. If the cat is on alert too, then pay attention. If not, I used to go back to not worrying.

    But.... We no longer have a house cat and I seem to have become allergic to other family pets, so we won't be getting a new one soon... :-( So, I'm stuck without that old help.

    What do I think Shadow People are? I have no idea.

  4. I've seen them too, out of the corner of my eye vanishing when I turn to look who's there. Do they startle me? Yes, mostly because they are unexpected. More often though, I've been noticing a "shadow cat". She too, disappears when I turn to look right at her. I don't have an indoor cat at the moment, so I usually jump when I see 'shadow kitty' standing or walking around by me out of the corner of my eye. I don't feel threatened or any negative vibes from either of the shadows I've seen. I wouldn't mind knowing who or what they are though.

  5. Hi Mary.Shadow people are the real deal and do exist in my estimation. I have seen them many times.I DO believe that they are people that have passed and I will tell you why I think that way. After my good friend of more than 20 odd years passed(about a week after her passing,) I saw out of the corner of my eye while watching tv,a shadowy form sitting at the other end of my couch.I turned my head to look at it full faced and it was the shape of my friend Lynn. She was a tall,big boned woman,and the shape was unmistakably hers,right down to the shape of her hair do.I sat with it for a minute or so and it faded to nothing.I have also seen fleeting shadow forms of not only people but shadow animals. I have on here in my old farm. It usually runs across the kitchen.It is the form of a cat.Very interesting subject Mary.

  6. I have seen many shadow people. Two of them stayed with me for years. Those two didn't disappear when I looked at them, though most others do. One was a very tall man that was in the house we moved into when I was 7. He would appear after everyone went to bed, and watch me all night long! I was scared at first, but I got used to him. That house was very haunted, so I was glad for his company. He followed me from home to home, I guess until I was 20 or so.
    The other shadow person is a different story. I'm not sure when it first appeared, I don't quite remember. But it was a very scary little thing. It was probably only about knee-high, and it had red eyes and a weird, jerky outline. I always got a bad feeling from this one. It usually appeared in doorways. It would run by, then come back and do a little dance, then run away again. I think it really got a kick out of it's little game. I still occasionally feel it's presence, but I think it has learned that I don't want to play.
    I had an interesting experience when I was 21. I was living in the basement apartment in a cousin's house, working and going to school. One night, I woke up at about 3 (of course). From my bed I could see out into the little living room, and you will not believe what I saw: A group of shadow people engaged in ritual! I watched for a moment, then suddenly fell asleep again. When I told my cousin in the morning, she said it was because I had "those evil cards" (tarot cards) in her house, and she wanted me to get rid of them. This from a woman who sees auras! Well, I put them in a drawer and she never knew the difference. I never saw those people again, but that was pretty interesting!

  7. I see shadow 'people' but to me they are my ancestors -

    i also think that if anyone has shadow people around and are frightened, then the best thing is to protect oneself, white light oneself and also ask the angels to take them to the light.