Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Native Way of Life

Another hot an hazy day, but it is looking like some much-needed rain might be on the way.  If I heard correctly this morning, the weatherman said that 'out of 28 days, 25 have been hotter than normal'.  That's a big WOW!!!.  I think, as much as we all try to embrace each season, we've all had enough of this.  I've not been able to really enjoy my yard; even at night it has been far too hot.  And I have only been able to make a couple trips to Coney this year. It's been far too hot, but I do plan to make some trips in the fall.  I love walking along the beach when there's a cool wind blowing, and the waves are turbulent, crashing against the shore.  The kids are all back in school, and usually, there are only a few stray people with dogs who venture out there on a cool autumn day.  I so treasure those days and find myself anxiously anticipating those Sunday afternoons.

As most of you know, I've plenty of interests. Well, I have 63 years of study. Currently, I have been studying Huna, but my great loves have been the Celts and the Native Americans.  Perhaps I chose these two paths because they have so many similarities with one another; both are connected to the Mother Earth, nature; both were a very spiritual peoples;both had oral storytelling traditions.  And, the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Celtic Wheel of the Four Directions are so similar you would think they are of the same peoples.

Or perhaps it is the wee bit of Native American blood that flows through my body. Through my genealogy I have been able to find Na-he-no-wenah (Spirit of the Moon).  Such a lovely name, isn't it? I know there is another ancestor, probably from the Lenape tribe in New Jersey, but try as I may, I cannot find her name.  I know that she existed, and one day I know that I shall find her so I can honor her as I have my other ancestors. Everyone should be remembered. We  know who she is, the wife of my 6th great grandfather; her Americanized name is Charlotte.  It is  finding that illusive proof, her Native American name that has not been found.

Actually, there are quite a few tales of the Native Americans in my heritage.  The massacre at Lancaster, Massachusetts, for example, when almost the entire town was slain.  My 10th great granddad, John Prescott, was the founder of Lancaster, and many of those massacred were my ancestors. And then there is the tale of my 8th great granddad in Pequannock, New Jersey.  Seems the Indians kidnapped his youngest daughter when she was just a tot. Then, many years later when the family finally located her, she refused to go back to live with the 'white man'. Hence, along with everything else I write about, you will find the Native American thrown in as well.  I love their teachings; I love their beliefs.  I think they have a lot to offer if we would only listen. So with that in mind, I'd like to share the following with you. These little tenets are something we should all be practicing every day.  
Native Way of Life
Each morning upon rising and before you go to sleep,
give thanks for the life within you and for all life.
Treat every person with respect.
Special respect should be given to elders, parents, and teachers.
Never speak unkindly to another person.
Touch nothing that belongs to another.
Respect the privacy of everyone.
Never walk between people when they are conversing.
Never interrupt people who are conversing.
Speak in a quiet voice.
Never speak unless invited to do so.
Do not speak of others in a negative way.
Treat the Earth as your Mother.
Respect the beliefs of others.
Listen with courtesy when others speak.
Respect the wisdom of people in council.
--From Sacred Earth News--


  1. Oh sigh yes. To walk along the beach, in Autumn. We used to do that, every year.

  2. I have a wee bit of native blood too, passed down from the Northern Ontario union of a Scottish fur trader in the Hudson's Bay Company and his Anishinaabe wife, probably in the late 1700s or early 1800s.

  3. Was told by my mother years ago that her grest,great,great,great....grandfather married an Indian squaw. Mohegan ...so I must have at least a drop of Indian blood in moi. ;0)
    Is that enough for moi to collect monies from the Mohegan Tribe that owns & runs the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. LMAO
    I WISH!!!!

  4. give thanks for the life within you and for all life...

    somtimes so difficult but a wise reminder...sometimes we can not control those who surround us yet we can gently remind ourselves to be thankful for the life we live...thank you.

    as for the tomatoes...i am looking forward to them fried tonight...will be a first...can't wait...much l♥ve and light to you~

  5. How great are the Native Americans. I have always had an interest myself being that my great grandmother was of the Cherokee people. My grandmother in fact's middle name is Dewdrop being that dew was on the ground the morning she was born...and on a reservation. My grandmother does not know much of her history but I find it remarkable how ones geneaology plays a part in our DNA. My grandfathers family came from Cornwall, England to New Jersey. I still have kin in Cornwall whom I would love to meet someday, and hopefully will get too. It is said that our family name Berriman was from St. Buryman. Pronounced the same...Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing it with us. And about the weather- it has been miserable here as well. I was fortunate enough to work out in the yard a bit on Saturday but not since then. I heard thunder clapping a bit ago, but do not think we have of yet received a raindrop. Blessings to you my friend~ Angie

  6. OT but... I found something else, since you read/commented on that post of mine. Please go back and read the addition i put in red.

  7. I have a bit of cheroke in me tos My Grandfathers mother. My other grandfather was Irish and Indisan. I love the food for thought thank you for posting Much love and LIght MIchelle Love to Greet the morning and give thanks for another day!