Friday, August 6, 2010

The Eye of Kanaloa

Wow, another Friday.  Can't believe it....not that I'm complaining, mind you.  Tomorrow won't be so restful; it's my cooking weekend, but if I get an early enough start, I can be done by 2 or 3pm.  It's rough on the day I have to do all the cooking, but it sure does help not to have to come home and cook every night. So, that's MY plans for the weekend.  Oh, yeah, son will be away for the weekend and hubby will be visiting his son, so I'll pretty much have the day to myself.  I cherish my alone-time.  I came across a very interesting symbol in Huna magic, I wanted to share it with you.  It is called the "Eye of Kanaloa", a very ancient symbol which you see when you gaze into the eye of Kanaloa.

In Hawaiian mythology, Kanaloa is the god of the ocean; he is associated with the Underworld and is recognized as a teacher of magic.  He is typically associated with Kane, the god of creation, and the two are said to journey together, sipping on the sacred drink of 'awa...a drink made from the root of the 'awa, a very revered Hawaiian plant. Legends state that Kanaloa became the leader of the first group of spirits 'spit out' by the gods.  In time, he led them into a rebellion in which the spirits were defeated by the gods and as punishment, were tossed into the underworld.

The Eye of Kanaloa is an esoteric symbol associated with the Huna teachings. It is a powerful healing symbol.  It consists of a seven-pointed star that is surrounded by four concentric circles  that are regularly divided by eight lines radiating from the inner-most to the outer-most circle. According to tradition, if you looked into the eye of Kanaloa, you would see the pattern to your right.  This pattern is said to represent the Web of Life, the symbolic connection of all things to each other.  In this aspect, the star at the center is the spider/shaman; it represents the Higher Self.  One point of this star is always facing down...representing the connection of the inner with the outer.  

The Eye of Kanaloa symbol generates a subtle kind of energy which is called ki.  This energy can be used for healing as well as for many other purposes.  Most people can sense the energy; it feels like a tingle, a pressure, or a coolness if it is brought close to the forehead, hand, or cheek.  Placing the symbol in any place such as a room or office has the effect of renewing the emotional energies of the place and bringing it back into harmony.  Access the energy directly through meditative gazing or holding the symbol near something that needs harmonizing. The Eye of Kanaloa is both symbolic and actual. It is considered the shaman's Stargate.  Come to think of it, it certainly does look like a Stargate, doesn't it?  Try the following little exercise.

Begin by focusing  your attention on the center of the symbol, focus on the seven-pointed star. Notice the circles or rings within the star. 

Gently close your eyes now and take notice the level of darkness. Now, with your eyes still closed, raise your eyebrows; notice that the darkness becomes a little brighter. This occurs because you have been putting some pressure on the area in the center of the eyebrows, the Eye of Kanaloa. This is the actual light of the star within the eye of Kanaloa. Some call this 'The Third Eye'.  It is the seat of wisdom, the spiritual eye. This energy radiates as the lights of the seven principles or seven centers that make up the body.  

When we unravel the symbolism of the Eye, Kanoaloa signifies the core self, the seat of our will.  The eight wheel spokes branching out from the center represent mana or spiritual power.  The four concentric circles represent the spirit of aloha or love. The dot in the middle of the star symbolizes aumakua or The Higher Self; it is ringed by lono, the mental self. The seven arms of the star depict the seven principles of huna.  The circle of Ku or the subconscious encloses the star. 

All in all, the Eye of Kanaloa is associated with life-giving, healing properties and meditating on its symbol, hanging it in a room, or wearing it as a personal accessory energizes and brings peace and power to the space or the wearer.

To download a full-sized printable version of the Eye of Kanaloa 

Eye of Kanaloa

Hoping you all have a wonderful, peaceful, and joy-filled weekend.


  1. Have a good weekend! I hope the weather has cooled off a bit now.

  2. Mary thank you for coming by my blog so I could discover yours!! I love your blog. I'm learning new things. I've never heard of the Huna teachings or the eye of Kanloa. Very interested in more now! I'll be back for sure!

  3. This is so interesting! Funny - I started staring at that symbol the moment I saw it - before I read the post. Really neat!

    Have a great weekend - even though you are cooking!


  4. Very interesting! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Enjoy your day!