Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Seven Daughters

November is here, and it ushers in the rising of Pleiades (above) which is a small cluster of bright stars located in the constellation of Taurus. The seven brightest stars are also known as "The Seven Daughter of the Sea." The Greek myth says that there were once seven maidens who came ashore and fell madly in love with the seven sons of a great chieftain. But, their love was not returned, and one by one, they died. Their seven spirits rose into the sky where they can still be seen on northern winter evenings, clustering together in their sorrow.

Oh what a wonderful evening I had last night. Very quiet. Sadly no children came for 'trick or treat' but that was expected. I live in a Hasidic neighborhood, and they don't celebrate Halloween. They have a holiday during the year which appears to be similar...where the children are dressed in costume and go door to door, but I don't recall what it is called. My son went to a Halloween party and that left hubbie and me home alone. Hubbie really doesn't celebrate Samhain, but he respects my wish to celebrate...and also knows that probably by the end of the evening I will be in an emotional state. You see, I come from a very small family; I am an only child...and my family has all I cherish the time that I spend with them. I baked some Soul Cakes and then set up my ancestral altar. I was actually wishing 'someone' would ring my doorbell because I really wanted to give out the Soul Cakes, but since no one did, I will take them to work with me tomorrow and give them to the homeless whose ranks are sadly...increasing.

During last night's ritual I felt the presence of some special guests and all in all, it was a very heartfelt evening for me. Mom, first dog, Susie...grandparents...all were there...and for one special night, I wasn't alone anymore. Of course, I am not really alone...I have hubbie and my two boys...but there is no one left of my past. But, a new year is beginning...and with it, a time to forge new spend time with my new friends...and those who have passed on, but stay with me always.

Hope you all had a blessed evening.


  1. Sounds like you have a very fulfilling Samhain communing with your dearly departed, which is so nice for you. And P.S. -- I like your blog makeover!

  2. It must be very difficult with no living extended family. You are blessed to have built one yourself though. It's wonderful that you were able to spend some time with those that have passed, and that your hubby understands, even though he doesn't practice.

    A beautiful new year to you!

  3. Like you I live in an area with no trick or treaters... it sould be nice to have at least one or 2.. Like you I made soul cakes... am eating them myself...Yet sometimes in the quiet moments are when we have our best times.... I love your background... it is so serene....

  4. Wow, what a beautiful makeover for your blog. Love it... Glad to hear that you experienced a wonderful Samhainh even if it was very emotional.