Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meditation for a Quiet Moment

The following meditation is an adaption from my nature exercises in my Druid course and a meditation I have done throughout the years. I find it helpful in times when I am stressed and searching for serenity.

Imagine that you are walking down a forest path during late autumn. The leaves have fallen and are crunching beneath your feet with every step you take. Feel the cool crisp air on your face. Take a deep breath in, then exhale sharply. Now, take another deep breath in and exhale out slowly. Now, directly in front of you, you see that a deer is waiting with a ray of sunshine beaming down on it. And, as you approach the deer, you find yourself also surrounded in the warmth of this light, and you remember a time when you were safe and joyful--a happy moment, a peaceful time when you felt that you were loved. Let this feeling and memory take over your entire being; stay with this wonderful sensation; breath slowly and deeply.

Stay as long as you like, and when you are ready, make sure you thank the deer for helping you bring forth the bliss and as you walk back out of the forest, notice the light of love which is now glowing both within and around you. You may open your eyes and be in the present. Bring this gift of love and life to everyone you encounter.


  1. Wow, I really like this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A lovely meditation. Is there any creature so gentle as a deer? (I'm being anthropomorphic, I know. In real life, they'd probably kick your ass, given half a chance.)