Saturday, November 21, 2009

Goddess Box

I have taken many different courses throughout my lifetime , and I have to tell you, one of my favorites was Granny Moon's Goddess course. A fun part of this course was putting together our own Goddess Box. I wish I had a picture of mine that I can show you, but sadly, I have to admit, we have to be one of the few households in the country without a camera. Ours broke awhile ago, and we have just had no need to replace it. If necessary, we just go out and buy a disposable.

You can make your own Goddess Box to keep all of your treasures in...things that make you "YOU". First, find a box...or make one...that you find attractive. You can decorate your box with pictures, baubles, charms, stones...whatever make "YOU' happy because this box is yours alone. And, preferably, during the next Full Moon, you can begin to put all your special treasures inside--a family picture, seashells, charms, stones, a greeting card that you love--anything that is special to you.

Make sure to get yourself a box of cute stationaryand some cinnamon oil, which, by the way, has a nice powerful energy as well as leave your Goddess Box with a great scent each time you open it. Now, write down all your wishes, hopes, dreams and on each paper. Then, dab each page with a drop of cinnamon oil: It is important that you fold the paper, make sure the folds are going toward you. This aids in your accomplishing your goals.

Finally, place your box in the light of the Full Moon--either outdoors or on a window sill-- and allow it soak up all of those Full Moon blessings.

And, don't forget, you can and should continue to add little trinkets to your box. Perhaps a shiny rock you find in your garden or walking along the street, a poem you have written or a letter someone wrote to you...anything that has meaning to you.

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