Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Memorial

Many thanks to you for fighting for my freedom....a descendant you never met will never forget you. The following gravesites are of my ancestors who fought in the various wars to keep us free. I know there are many, many more, but I am grateful to Find a Grave which allowed me to find these few. And to that special volunteer who remembers all the veterans with an online memorial, I thank you.

William List, WWII

Joseph J. Holley, WWII

James Charles Holley, WWII

Joseph W. Holley

William Prescott, Cammander at the Battle of Bunker Hill

Thompson Pollard, Civil War

William E.List, Korean and Vietnam Wars

Mark Walton. Revolutionary War Hero

David Pollard Civil War

Captain Peter Dickerson , Revolutionary War Hero


  1. A very fitting photographic tribute for today.

  2. What a glorious legacy of courage, you carry on.