Friday, November 27, 2009

Decision time

Ah, serentity...the day after Thanksgiving...a time to recuperate from the hectic pace of the holiday...or so it should be. I've decided that I wanted to get everything accomplished today that I would have done over the weekend, so up til now I have been pretty busy. And on my feet a bit too much. My fibro is now acting up, but I have learned to deal with it.

So, how was Thanksgiving for those who celebrated yesterday? I can't believe how quickly it came and went. All those days of preparation, and it comes and goes in a flash. But it was all well worth it. Had a nice quiet day with hubbie and my two boys. After dinner, my eldest took a snooze which enabled me to spend some quality time with my youngest who I don't see as often. He's been having some pretty serious health issues...sadly stemming from some poor health habits on his part. Namely, smoking and over-eating all of the wrong foods. So now, at age 27 he has emphysema in the early stages and heart issues. We had a really good heart-to-heart, and I do hope I talked some sense into him. I hope he was 'really' hearing what I was saying and not just 'yessing' me. Oh, and I even got to call a dear friend whose health hasn't been well lately.

Later, after ultra-rich Napoleon Cake...brought by my boys went out to visit some friends, and found myself with some much-needed down time. I did a lot of thinking about what was important to me and what I no longer needed to carry with me. I guess you could say I did some house-cleaning of the soul. And of course, the subject of my blogs came up. Blogging has become an important part of my life. Where do I want to go from here? Do I want to change things? Avalon Revisited and Celtic Dreamscape both stem from a couple of my now defunct Yahoo groups. Of course, they can be combined into one group, but do I really want that? No. I do know that when I finish the last Chapter of Andrew Lang's book for Avalon, I will take a break from books...too long and time consuming...and there is so much else to write about. I want to liven up Celtic Dreamscape.

I am also into dreamwork and inner child work. I do a lot of this with my clients as well as done work with this in my own life, but where would it go? Would it be a new blog, or could I include it in either Moontides or or an Inner Journey? And many bloggers seem to have their blogs far more organized than mine...especialy Moontides which is a hodgepodge of stuff. Should I organize more with like a poetry day? A day for a spell or a meditation? And so on and so forth.

Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions!!!! Nothing's been decided yet. Looking to everyone for some help. What do you think I should do? How can I improve? Or is the haphazard way it is put together okay.


  1. Personally, I'm a huge fan of haphasard! That's why my blog is such an eclectic dog's breakfast of whatever is on my mind at any given moment. Sure, there are recurring themes but I'm not concerned about sticking to a single theme. If you try to write a single-theme blog, you've got to have an awful lot of material (original or otherwise) to keep it going. Plus if you want to write on other themes and so start several single-theme blogs, then servicing them gets to be extremely time-consuming. Now, that's fine if you have the time, but who among us really does? I find it challenging enough to keep one blog going more or less full tilt, let alone several. Even within a single blog, I don't commit to writing about certain topics on certain days. Too confining. I gotta be free, baby, free!

    There, that's my two cents worth!

  2. Thanks for your input. I'm trying to sort things out. Perhaps dreamwork could become a part of Moontides and Inner Child a part of Inner Journey. I love astrology also and jumped into that blog, then realized that what I had hoped to accomplish there was in the scope of a book. Don't have time for that.

  3. My only suggestion ~~ Blog as feels best to/for you. :-) It's my "constant cry" so to speak. :-)

    Personally, I like having an all-purpose blog, which is not one-topic-specific. Then when I do want to zero in on diff things, I've made specific blogs.

    Right now, I only have one other specific blog going ~~ My photo blog. But along my bloggging way, I have had others with specific topics.

    When I'm no longer as involved in a topic, I get rid of the blog it dealt with. Or when it becomes "more like work" to maintain it. I really don't want to "work at" blogging. :-)

    But, in the end, I hope all bloggers blog, as feels best, for them.

    So pretty a new look here! I really have to try to find a Header picture, which is more Season centered, I guess. Although I still love my lace trimmed socks pic. :-) So, true to my "constant cry," I won't change till I find the purrrrrrrrrfect heading pic. :-)

  4. Thanks. I checked out your blog today and really wanted to comment, but couldn't. I enjoyed it. Those lace trimmed socks are special. They say "Aunt Amelia", and I don't blame you for not wanting to get rid of them until you find something more perfect...which I doubt you can.

    Now, I've been trying to change the music to some Christmas carols, but having a hard time. They all sound so scratchy, and I can't seem to find ones that fit. LOL!!! What decisions we have to make.

  5. ah the day after the thanksgiving... still going... havent stopped yet and will not until tomorrow eve.. at least a little... I love your moontides blog despite the fact you call it haphazard... think many of us can relate with that.... Hope your weekend is a restful one...

  6. I also agree with the others here - haphazard is a great thing to indulge in. In fact I think some of the best blogs I read are rather haphazard in their daily themes. As I say, go where the day takes you....

    It sounds like Moontides should be a good place for dreams and inner child themes for the Inner Journey - but I think it is best to go with what you feel as you contemplate doing a blog entry for the day. Don't fret over keeping us (your followers) entertained - blog for yourself and we will peek over your shoulder and enjoy them.