Thursday, November 5, 2009

Easy Earth Goddess Spell

For centuries, the agricultural goddesses were honored at this time of the year by our ancestors who believed that they controlled the changing seasons and the cycles of death and rebirth. This Earth Goddess Spell is one of transformatation and should be started now, just as we enter the dark season and before the frost touches the ground. This is such an accessible spell that even us city-dwellers can do this one.

Fill a small flowerpot with rich topsoil or potting mix. Charge the soil with life force by leaving it in the Sun for a day. Then, bring it indoors or leave in a potting shed over the winter. Place a goddess symbol, such as a corn doillie, beside the pot. Touch the soil occasionally as you think of what it is you wish to change in your life. And in the spring, whenever the time feels right, start your favorite herb or flower seeds in the pot; then transplant in the garden. As the plants grow, your wish will be fulfilled.


  1. I, too, really like this little rite. It can also reminds us of the hope of spring coming again in the midst of winter.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Really nice. Epecially since one of the things I miss so much during Winter, is having my hands in the earth!

  3. I miss it, too. One day I am going to dig out my photos of my magic garden and have my son put on disc so I can show everyone. I miss that place.