Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain Blessings to All

A blessed Samhain to all. This day marks a remembrance for those who have passed on. The growth season has ended and the frost will soon begin. And it is during this night of Sanhaim that the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest making this the ideal time to pay homage and to communicate with those who have passed over to the Otherworld. During your Samhain celebration, allow yourself to enter into a meditative state. Think about family, friends, and pets who have passed on. Bring to mind your fondest memories of them and speak aloud any messages you wish for them to hear for they will, in fact, hear what you have to tell them.

Leave them offerings of food, drink, and incense and allow your energy to merge with theirs enough to say 'hello' and 'blessed be.'

Tonight spend as much time with them as you want. Tell them the things you have always wanted to say, but never had the chance. Let us toast our loved ones who have passed on to new lives and dance one more time with those who are no longer physically with us. Part of them is living on in our hearts; embrace and touch the mystery that is beyond all mysteries.