Monday, November 9, 2009

A Perfect Ending to the Weekend

I had a wonderful evening last night. I had become rather negligent in my Ovate studies, and this weekend decided I had to put my foot down or I would never complete it. I'd been doing wonderfully with my studies and enjoying them very much, but then hubbie took ill, and I took a short break because I just couldn't concentrate, but short breaks with me can become ultra long breaks or permanent breaks if I am not careful. So, this weekend I decided that it was time to knuckle down and get back into the swing of things, and I am so glad that I did. These classes mean so much to me and bring me so much closer to my well as helping me to develop a closeness with the land.

The Awareness Practice I worked on last night was of Place Bonding, of getting out in nature and becoming aware of self as part of this place. You know, this is not easy for the urban dweller, but I am blessed to be not only 20 minutes from the beach, but I also have a huge back yard. Well, since it was too late to head out to the beach, I went out into my backyard...and felt as if I had somehow stepped into the Otherworld. It was so quiet, peaceful, serene. The huge tree, normally teeming with life, stood silent, dark.. a huge shadow in the corner of the yard, it branches reaches out in a gentle embrace. I think I really needed to lose myself for awhile; I've had far too much stress hanging over my head and the beauty of nature is one of the best stress relievers that I know. I had a I lost all track of time during my meditation, and it was nearly 11 before I went back into the house and for the first time in I don't know how long, I fell into a deep, restful sleep. I was at peace.

Throughout the coming weeks I plan to be sharing some of these wonderful little meditations with you.

The Leaves are Falling; so am I;
The few late flowers have moisture in the eye;
So have I too.
Scarcely on any bough is heard
Joyous, or even unjoyous, bird
The whole wood through.
Winter may come; he brings but nigher
His circle (yearly narrowing) to the fire
Where old friends meet:
Let him; now heaven is overcast,
And spring and summer both are past,
And all things sweet.


  1. It's great to take time for spiritual studies and meditation! Happy for you!

  2. -happy sigh- Your time in Nature sounds wonderful. So happy that you found stress relief, in your meditation time.

    Thank you for your sweet Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary wish.


  3. that poem is completely beautiful... thank you so much for sharing... it truly brought a tear to me...