Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Litte Angel Tale

Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe.

From 'The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman

Morning all.  It's warmed up a wee bit.  Didn't feel so bad yesterday.  In fact, if one is properly dressed the cold air can be quite invigorating. This morning I am off to Weight Watchers.  Got a lot of exercise in this week putting the Christmas decor away, but one never knows if the scale will be friend or foe. 

Speaking of taking the Christmas stuff down, on Tuesday when I took the tree down, it was obvious that this little guy didn't want to be put away. When I reached to take him off the tree he slid off the branch and rolled clear across the floor and stopped under a dining room chair. I reached for him and just got my hands on him when he rolled away. Finally caught the little rebel and put him in the bag on the sofa with the other ornaments. Sat down in my rocker to take a break and guess who rolled out of the bag?

What was I to do with it?  By now, I didn't have the heart to put it away.  Then my daughter says, "Look what's on it an Angel.  You know what that means."  Yes, indeed, it was mom giving me the sign I so desperately wanted.  

 So I found an extra special place for my wandering ornament. Now she can remind me to keep the Christmas spirit all year long.

Have a good one.


  1. It was definitely a message, Mary. You're right. Little angel determined not to be put away out of sight! :) Glad you found a home for her.

  2. I will echo Mary! Most definitely a message from your Mom. Keep your eyes and your heart open, there will be more.