Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Roundup

To live means to experience--through doing, feeling, thinking.  Experience takes place in time, so time is the ultimate scarce resource we have.  Over the years, the content of experience will determine the quality of life.  Therefore one of the most essential decisions any of us can make is about how one's time is allocated or invested.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  

Good morning, everyone.  Finally got out of the house yesterday, and it was a good thing I did.  Not only did I find out that I lost another pound, but  as much as I love my WW meetings,  I felt myself falling into that old habit of not wanting to go anywhere.  Already I had to force myself to get dressed and head out the door.  It is just so easy for me to fall into that funk.  

Went across the street to the bus stop and found that, although the families there had shoveled a nice wide path, they had piled all the snow on the curb, all the way to the crosswalk. I wasn't about to climb over a foot of packed snow and ice or stand in the street waiting for the bus, so I walked to the next bus stop.  It was the same coming home.  Once again the furniture store shoveled a small path and left the 4 feet of sidewalk leading to the bus stop filled with snow.  Too dangerous, so I got out a stop ahead and walked it home.  

Now, it's not like I couldn't have been doing this all along.  The walk is only from 9th to 8th Avenue.  And since I lost weight I don't lose my breath like I used to and find that I have less pain when I walk.  So, while it is convenient to have a bus stop right across from your house, it is far healthier to walk to the next one.  Guess this is what I'll be doing from now on when it's nice outdoors.

I had two calls from my insurance company over the past two days--one to schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner who is going to give me a physical in my own home and the second from the social worker to make sure I had food and heat in my home.  Hubby said that's because it's cheaper for them to monitor me regularly than to pay for a hospital stay.  No matter what, I appreciate the extra care.

Really enjoyed my dinner last night.  Seasoned and roasted a chicken and cut up a fantastic salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, steamed brocolli, and steamed carrots.  Dressing was a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Smothered the chicken with red onions simmered in olive oil and vinegar. 

One thing I am really craving is nachos.  I absolutely adore Mexican food.  Plan on finding a WW friendly recipe and making them this week.  Hubby doesn't like nachos so I'll make him some yellow rice instead.

Well, that's about it dear friends.  Another week in the books.  Have a wonderful, safe, and fun-filled weekend.  See you all on Monday.


  1. Looks like a colorful and tasty meal my friend.

    Thank you for your nice comment regarding my yesterday's poem.

    I left a comment back to you under yours letting you know about a change I made to that post, but I don't know if you saw it.

    I wish you much peace and happiness as always my friend,