Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

I just want to celebrate
another day of living;
I just want to celebrate
another day of life!

Glenn Hughes

Good morning, and a happy Monday to all.  Had a wonderful weekend.  Went to another WW meeting on Fridayand church on Sunday.  Did lots of reading and found a few great new recipes to try.  It's a nasty day out so I'm in for the day.  Lots to do so I don't mind.  

Took a walk to the fruit stand yesterday.  I noticed the furniture store shoveled the bus stop out. First time in the three winters I have been here.  Pays to open your mouth.  

Bought lots of healthy foods. Roasted the veggies on Saturday. Sprinkled them with olive oil, garlic powder, and McCormick's Grill Mate Montreal Chicken.  Boy, were they ever yummy.

Speaking of food, made my nachos yesterday.  I've been craving them for a couple weeks there.  Actually go to bed thinking about them.  So I found a WW friendly recipe and made them.  Hubby doesn't like them so I made him some yellow rice instead of the tortilla chips.

Well, today is Imbolc, or if you prefer Candlemas.  Imbolc reminds us that Spring will be coming soon. It may be cold outside, and the snow may be coming down, but it's a good feeling knowing that Spring is right around the corner. I'm planning on a quiet evening at home.  Dinner by candlelight (red and white candles) and a delicious meal.  For a first course, we'll munch on a cheese platter.  Our main course will be sausage,  a traditional food,  as well as some sort of  potato and onion dish, another traditional Irish dish.  It won't hurt to have one sausage for a special occasion.  It's not like I eat them every day. Dessert will be strawberries and whipped cream (again red and white). Making myself hungry already.

How do you plan to celebrate? 

I'll close with this short prayer I found.

Blessed be the earth, and all who dwell upon it.
We give thanks for the season now departing from us,
For the blessings it has bestowed upon us,
And upon those with whom we share this world.
 Blessed be the new season.
We pray that it will be a time filled with peace,
With abundance, with prosperity,
With wisdom,
With love.
Blessed be all who share this feast.
Let us now prepare for the time ahead
By opening our hearts, and our minds, and our spirits.
Blessed be.

 Have a good one.


  1. Imbolc blessings to you . I shall have you in my thoughts this evening.

  2. Blessed Imbolc, Mary. Love that poem!! Enjoy those strawberries! (and that sausage too)