Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

Monday morning.  The beginning of a new week.  The first full week of the new year.  Wow, yesterday was in the 60's and by Thursday we'll be down in the teens.  Crazy weather patterns, for sure.

Went to WW on Friday.  I was really feeling anxious when I stepped on the scale, moreso than on other weeks because I had gotten into the cookies and candles.  Not much.  About three cookies and two candies a day, but I know myself and how easily I could just let myself go.  How many times I tried to stop smoking and ended up sabotaging my quit!  The same with losing weight.  I tried so many times and  once I started doing well, I'd find a way to sabotage myself. So, I tossed the cookies and the candy.  Hubby wasn't eating them, and I have no company coming, so best to get rid of them before they got the best of me.  By the way, I lost .04 pounds.  What a relief that was!

On Saturday they had the funeral for the second police officer who was assassinated.  It was only a few blocks from my home.  All afternoon I heard the helicopters flying over.  I thought about going to pay my respects, but decided to do so from home instead.  Not only was it raining, but I just can't handle crowds, and there were thousands of people there. 

Some of the comments to the news made me sick, and I decided it best not to read them anymore.  Don't know whether it's just trolls trying to get a rise out of people, or if there is just that much hate in the world.  I tend to think the latter.  There are far too many to be trolls.  I mean people saying 'good riddance' about the death of ex-governor Cuomo or 'no pity here for those pigs'.  And those are just a couple of the calmer ones.  There were hundreds more and the nastiness turned my stomach.  Furthermore, it wasn't just New Yorkers, people were commenting from around the country.  What is becoming of this world when we can't even show any respect for the dead?

Finally, on Saturday I made the first of my budget recipes, and it came out so good.  This one I made up by myself.  

1 package of pork for stew (on sale for $5.29)
1 can of white of Goya Great Northern Beans (on sale 4 for $5)
red and green peppers
1 can of Campbell's low sodium chicken broth
Spanish paprika
Black Pepper

Served with a little white rice on the side, some sliced tomatoes, and it was no more than $12 for two people...and there is still some left for lunch.  Also have plenty of the veggies left for future meals.


  1. Glad the cookies and candies didn't defeat you! Throwing them out is the best thing -- begone temptation!

  2. Good morning Mary.....You are so right on commenting about what a "mess" our world is in. It seems everywhere you look there is nothing but misery.

    Your little creation looks lovely...I adore making up my own husband likes almost anything I make and often comments that he better like it because he never will have it I seldom use a recipe anymore.