Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Everything is equal in the snow: all trees, all lawns, all streets, all rooftops, all cars. Everything is white, white, white, as far as you can see. Covered by snow, the well-kept and neglected lawns look the same. The snow hides the shiny newness of a just-bought car as effectively as it does the rust and dents of a ten-year-old one. Everything looks clean and fresh and unmarred by time or use. Snow, like the silent death it counterfeits, is a great leveler.

Adrienne Ivey

Too bad it scares me so.  I tossed and turned a lot last night, thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  Power could go out, furnace could break and no one able to get through to fix it.  And Miss Minga.  She is so old.  What if something should happen and I can't get her to the vet?  I know it's wrong to dwell on so many negatives, but I just feel so powerless. Then I wake up and find out we dodged a bullet.  Not much snow at all, and by day's end it should be all cleared out.  Whew!!!

Juno begins.
Juno.  Juno is the Great Mother of the Romans.  She is the equivalent of the Greek Goddess Hera. She is a daughter of Saturn and sister/wife  of the chief god Jupiter.   Now we will also remember her as the storm.  In the 'Aeneid' Juno calls on Aeolus, the god of the winds, directing him to bring a great storm down upon Aeneas because she is angry with him.  As I sat last night listening to the winds and the thunder, I wondered, 'what has made Juno so angry.'

Three hours later.

 Just before I went to bed.  Notice the orb...only in this photo.  Odd,

Well all, that's about it.  Going to have some breakfast and check outdoors to see what's up.  For those of you still in the path of the storm, please be safe.   


  1. Sometimes I get caught up in worrying about what if this happens or what if that happens, and by my doing so, this worry increases all the more, but when I let go, most of the time the things I was worried about never surface. So now when I start feeling this way, sometimes I ask myself, what's the benefit of my worrying so.

    I wish you much happiness my friend as always,


  2. Glad the storm was not as bad as predicted.

  3. Day 1. Ed snow blowed our drive and walk way.
    Day 2 ( today) He did the same for the lady our age across the street that had a stroke 10 years ago & whom is physically impaired. Fan is a sweet lady.
    Tomorrow he will dig our cars out & get us ready for the storm coming Friday & another one next week. Snow...Bah humbug!