Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts

 We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. 

Luciano de Crescenzo

Good morning.  Some snow on the way later on, but I should be home by the time it starts.  Going to the opthamologist for a follow-up field test.  Still trying to confirm whether or not I have glaucoma.  Although one eye failed the last test, the doctor said that a lot of times patients are so nervous that they don't get the first test right.  

The nurse came for my monthly visit yesterday.   This was the first one that had come, the Russian lady, who I felt was cold and uncaring.  Yesterday she was so friendly and nice.  Just goes to show that you can't judge someone on first meeting.  She might have been having a bad day. She noticed immediately how I had lost weight and told me I am looking so much better than the first time we met. My BP was 117 over 68.  Amazing isn't it?  Brings tears to my eyes how far I have come.

Went to art class yesterday.  He is teaching us about the different types of perception and how to draw them.  One lady got annoyed and left.  My friend told me that during the time they didn't have a teacher, she had self-appointed herself and made everyone miserable.  Now she is jealous because they brought a 'real' artist in to teach us.  Personally I don't think I would have lasted had she still been teacher.  I'd rather have someone SHOWING me where I am making my mistakes and not TELLING me what I am supposed to do. 

Miss Minga has been doing well.  She is really a true miracle.  Just when I think the worst is coming, she pulls her way out of it.  It's havoc on my emotions.  I just love her so darn much.  

Speaking of Miss Minga.  yesterday I found a black feather next to her bed.  I believe it was a gift from spirit and means something special, that is is a gift, that someone close to Miss Minga was letting her know that they were there and watching over her.  I've already mentioned that recently I have felt a cat brushing against my legs or hear claws clinking on my living room floor and Miss Minga is sleeping soundly at my feet.  I truly believe that Miss Minga's daughter is there to help her when the time comes.

Well, that's about it today.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with my test today.


  1. Good luck on that eye test Mary.
    If Miss Minga is eating & using the litter box, I'd say your answer is right there. Hoping as you that when it's her time, she goes peacefully.
    There were times I would have to ask my husband to touch our 3 1/2 pound dog Dreyfus to see if he was alive as I held my breath waiting for the right words.
    . I know how agonizing it is for you Mary. (((hugs)))

  2. Good luck with the test!! Miss Minga is something else! One thing you will always be sure of - she had a wonderful happy life with you!

  3. I am so happy for you. For all the success and about miss mingagetting better. Things are looking up!

  4. I'm happy for you Mary. You are doing so well with your weight loss and healthy diet! And i'm glad you have a true teacher in your art class now. That woman who left sounds really full of herself, and that does not a good teacher make!

    And i'm so happy for you and for Miss Minga. When the time comes for her to leave you, she will have lots of comfort and love from her feline family.