Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lives of Rachel

Life is a moment-to-moment happening;
any attempt to possess it, save it,
or store it, is to lose the present moment.

A Spiritual Warrior

The temperature is brutal out there today. I am so dreading stepping outdoors, but today is WW and weigh in day, and I won't miss it if I can help it. Cold temperatures aren't enough to keep me home.  I must admit, though, I would much rather stay home and read. 

I've been reading the most interesting book, "The Lives of Rachel" by Joel Goss.  Actually, this is a prequel to and written after "The Books of Rachel" which I also purchased, but I am reading this one first because it covers an earlier time period.  As you know, I've always been quite fascinated with Jewish religion, especially its mystical side so this book is right down my alley.  I love reading about their traditions and holidays.

"The Lives of Rachel"  is divided into five parts, each one a depiction of the life of a Jewish  girl named Rachel.  In every generation of this Jewish family, Jewish family one first born female is named Rachel.  When she passes on, a new one takes her place, and  passes on the legacy of courage, self-sacrifice, jewelry, and healing, of honoring the Jewish beliefs and traditions

Here is a book description...

This richly detailed novel of family, of tradition, and of faith, sweeps across a thousand years to chronicle the lives of five women -- each named Rachel and each a rare human spirit.

In every generation of this proud and ancient Jewish family there is only one Rachel, the firstborn daughter. But the name is only part of Rachel's legacy. Each bearer of the name adds, in her own way, to the legend of strength and courage that is her birthright.

There is Rachel of Judea, who defies a half-mad and lustful king to save her husband's life. Rachel of Rome, who is sold into slavery, but rises up to take just revenge on her cruel and corrupt master. Rachel of Byzantius is a miraculous healer who risks death to stop the spreading horror of the plague. A Rachel plays a crucial part in the destiny of Arthurian England; another cleverly escapes a Rhineland pogrom.

Once I get started with it, I can't put it down.  Totally recommended.

Have a good one. 


  1. I'm looking fr this one for, certain you have captured my interest!

  2. Ooooo, that book does sound good! Bundle up and stay warm!