Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

Happy Monday, everyone.  It's time to start a new week.  Gosh, we are almost halfway through January already.  I cannot believe it.  Had a quiet weekend.  Spent Saturday taking all the Christmas decor down.  What a chore!  It seems to me it is harder to take the decorations down than it is to put them up.  I think I am staying in today.  It's a bit slippery out, and I'm so fearful of falling.

How lovely the sky got after the snow on Friday.  Had to get a picture.

I did make  a second meeting at WW, and I'm glad I did.  What one trainer doesn't mention, another might.  For example, I love baked sweet potatoes, and I'd eat the whole thing thinking I was doing something really healthy for myself.  Little did I know how many points there was in a sweet potato.  

The following is me almost 24 pounds lighter.

Do I see the beginning of hips?  I'd lost them so long ago. Still a ways to go, about 50 more pounds, but I am finding that I  already I have less pain and easier breathing when I walk.  So grateful that I finally woke up to the damage I was doing to myself with my addiction to food.  

Question for you.  The FB group with the Christmas card exchange has started a Valentine's exchange which includes a hot beverage, candle, and candy and not spending more than $10.  I got this one.  The other one I signed up for is a monthly buddy exchange.  Each month we will be assigned someone to send a a "thinking of you" gift to the person assigned to us, not spending more than $5.  I need some ideas on this one.  What can I possibly get for $5 nowadays.  Keep in mind I live in New York.  Help!!!!

Well, I'm off for breakfast now.  Have a good one.  If you're going out, be careful


  1. congratulations on the weightloss!! You look great, I love that warm winter outfit you have on, the photo of the sky is gorgeous, looks like cotton balls on a beautiful azure blue sky! I have no idea what you could buy for gifts, I'm terrible at that, maybe you could make something?

  2. Agree that you look lovely.
    Sweet potato contains a lot of sugar.
    Can't help with gift apart from also to suggest making something. It will be unique and you will hang on to your money.

  3. Your hard work is paying off - plain to see! If you don't feel like making something, maybe a nice greeting card or two with stamps would be good . . .

  4. Hooray for you - you're really sticking with it!